2008 Together for Adoption Conference

The ministry of Together for Adoption is led by Dan Cruver and Jason Kovacs, both who are passionate for Christians to be involved in adopting orphans.  The message titles give a very clear picture of what this conference is about:  “The Good News of Adoption”, “The Cosmic Significance of Adoption”, “Adoption in God’s Story of Redemption”, “Our Adoption and Visiting Orphans in their Affliction.”

The speakers make a strong appeal for the need of the church to be more involved in adoption, and they support their admonition by drawing from our adoption as sons and daughters into the kingdom of God, and our instruction of visiting orphans in their affliction.

Also available on the same page are other sermons and addresses on adoption from a wide variety of well-known speakers such at C. J. Mahaney, Russell Moore, Derek Thomas, John Piper and many others, most of whom have adopted children.

Unfortunately, my internet filter has blocked my ability to download these messages, but I have been able to listen to a few of them in streaming format, as I have opportunity.  This is a very good resource of information if you have the ability and/or interest in adoption.

T4A audio >>>

Psalm 138 series by Alan Cairns

Pastor of Faith Free Presbyterian Church, Dr. Alan Cairns, preached a fascinating and in depth series of 9 sermons on the 8 verses of Psalm 138. 

138:1  One Hundred Percent Christians
138:2  Christ Centered Worship
138:2  God Magnifying His Word Above All His Name
138:3  Timely Answers to Urgent Prayers
138:4-5  The Universal Triumph of Christ & the Gospel
138:6  The Lord’s Regard for the Humble and the Rejection of the Haughty
138:7  Personal Revival
138:8  All’s Well That Ends Well
138:8b  A Cry from the Heart

Alan Cairns on Psalm 138 page >>>

Alan Cairns — another great Irish preacher

Alan Cairns was pastor of Faith Free Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC, for 25 years before retiring.  He’s another strong Irish preacher, having faithfully served at churches in Dunmurry and Barrymoney in Ireland. I’ve been listening to his series on the Apostle Paul, and have greatly enjoyed his messages. He is Biblically solid and a pleasure to listen to.  There is a huge selection of sermons on audio covering a wide range of Scripture. 

Cairns at SermonAudio >>>

Cairns at Let the Bible Speak radio >>>