Alan Cairns — another great Irish preacher

Alan Cairns was pastor of Faith Free Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC, for 25 years before retiring.  He’s another strong Irish preacher, having faithfully served at churches in Dunmurry and Barrymoney in Ireland. I’ve been listening to his series on the Apostle Paul, and have greatly enjoyed his messages. He is Biblically solid and a pleasure to listen to.  There is a huge selection of sermons on audio covering a wide range of Scripture. 

Cairns at SermonAudio >>>

Cairns at Let the Bible Speak radio >>>

3 thoughts on “Alan Cairns — another great Irish preacher

  1. You must hear his series on the life of Christ…amazing! He is a spirit-empowered preacher of the Gospel. Worthy to be considered.

  2. I love to listen to sermons by Dr. Alan Cairns. Dr. Cairns is a spirit filled and led teacher and min
    ister of God!

  3. If you would ever have an opportunity to hear only one sermon, make sure it is the one delivered by Dr. Alan Cairns. He truly loves the Lord Jesus Christ. It is felt in the messages he delivers.

    He is also true to the Word of God. All of his messages are deeply Christ-centered and evangelistic. Above all he preaches with zeal and unction that brings you to the new thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. I liked his series on the Life of Christ and on the Epistle of Romans and on the Law of God best of all.

    Somehow mysteriously by the grace of God the man is hidden during his preaching and Christ is exalted.

    Finally, I wish I could ever preach at least in a fraction of the anointing he preaches in.

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