Children Desiring God Conference Audio

The excellent ministry Children Desiring God has posted all the audio for free from their 2005 and 2007 conferences.  I have not yet listened to these, but they are going on my ipods playlist. 

The ministry of Children Desiring God is aimed at calling for higher standards of teaching in a Sunday School market that is glutted with silly, watered down, children’s theology. 

Children Desiring God >>>

Excellent Spurgeon Audio

It’s hard to find well delivered sermons from great preachers of the past.  Most are read in a reading monotone that is difficult to pay attention to.  What they need to be is delivered as a sermon.

Cloud Audio has done an excellent job of bringing many of Charles Spurgeons sermons to life that are a pleasure to listen to.  You can purchase CD’s or download mp3’s from Cloud Audio.  There is also a large selection of free audio downloads at SermonAudio.

Cloud Audio >>>
Selection at Sermon Audio>>>

Commute thru the Bible 2 week update

A unique feature of listening through an audio Bible is that you can’t skip over things when it becomes repititous or ‘dull’.  Listening can also bring a unique perspective.  I didn’t know what to expect coming to Leviticus, but it was surprisingly interesting.  When the requirements for Jewish ceremony, sacrifices, cleansings are delivered with the authority Max McLean gives it, it has a completely different tone than struggling to read through it. 

The most memorable and impactful portions for me was Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 27-31, where God’s holiness is revealed in his severe hatred of sin, and at the same time, his eager patience and grace shown to those who take him at his word.

My first week took me to the middle of Numbers.  This past week I made it to the life of Gideon in Judges 9.  This has been a fascinating trek through the Scriptures, and I’m looking forward to the rest.