So Great a Salvation: Ligonier 2015 Fall Conference

John MacArthur, Steve Lawson, Stephen Nichols, Nathan Busenitz and RC Sproul gathered together at Reformation Bible College to consider together the subject of our great salvation.

From the website:

As R.C. Sproul has said, the most serious problem we face as humans is that “God is holy and we are not.” During our 2015 Fall Conference at Reformation Bible College, we considered this problem and addressed the scope of the biblical gospel. Hosted in partnership with The Master’s Seminary, the conference featured Dr. John MacArthur as our special guest. In addition to those attending Fall Conference, we were joined this weekend by prospective Reformation Bible College (RBC) students as they took classes during the college’s Preview Weekend, spent time meeting with faculty and current students, toured the campus, and joined us for RBC’s fifth annual convocation service on Friday evening.

You can read highlights here.  The conference is currently free to stream video or audio.

So Great A Salvation Conference >>>

Radical Reconciliation

Hal Hays was invited to speak at Scottsdale Bible Church last year, and he looked at the preminence of Christ as a reconciler of an alienated humanity, as Paul summarized in Colossians 1: 19-23.  He covers 4 aspects of reconciliation: the architect of reconciliation, the alienated who need reconciliation, the action that resulted in reconciliation, and the assumption verifying reconciliation.

Reconciliation is not only a glorious subject worthy of our mediation and awe, it protects us from the dangers of superstition and legalism.  Hays gives us a good reminder in summary form of this important doctrine.

Hal Hays is founder of Encouragement International, a ministry focused on training and supporting pastors in the Slavic countries.  He is also my brother-in-law and runs a fabulous daily blog.  If you have a blog reader, I recommend you subscribe to his feed.  It’s nothing but good, solid Bible teaching.

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