9 Marks Interviews John MacArthur about Fellowship in the Church

How do we help church members who prefer anonymity to love and open up to each other?

9 Marks Interviews John MacArthur >>>


How to Handle Ethical Hard Cases, A 9 Marks Discussion

How should church leaders deal with tough cases such as divorce, illegal immigration, and in vitro fertilization?

Mark Dever and Russell Moore discuss how these issues and more with John Onwuchekwa and Derrick Morgan.

How to Handle Ethical Hard Cases >>>

Christian Freedom with Carl Trueman, Mark Dever and Friends

Are tatoos a sin? How should we understand and exercise our Christian freedoms since we are no longer “under law”? Does anything go since we  live in the grace of Christ?  Mark Dever, Mike McKinley and Andy Johnson interview Carl Trueman about this contested issue of Christian freedom.

Christian Freedom with Carl Trueman >>>


Leaving a Legacy with Howard Hendricks

The legendary Howard Hendricks went to be with the Lord in February. Dallas Theological Seminary president Mark Bailey visited Dr. Hendricks recently and recorded a question and answer podcast with him.

Leaving a Legacy >>>


9 Marks International Church Planting Interview

Mark Dever interviews Mark Stiles and Dave Furman, both who are church planters in the United Arab Emirates (and you thought your city was tough!)

Interview on International Church Planting >>>


New Testament Textual Criticism in the 21st Century

Daniel Wallace discusses the challenges facing contemporary New Testament textual criticism on Christ the Center. Dr. Wallace is the senior New Testament editor of the NET Bible and coeditor of the NET-Nestle Greek-English diglot.

N.T. Textual Criticism >>>


Church 101 for Church Members

9 Marks provides a session on Church 101 for church members.  What does it mean to be a member of a church? What should you expect from church, and what are your responsibilities to the church?

Church 101 >>>


Interview with Conrad Mbewe

Tim Challies Podcast Connected Kingdom interviews Zimbabwe preacher Conrad Mbewe about the challenges of ministry in Africa.

Interview with Conrad Mbewe >>>


Nancy Pearcey on Stand to Reason

Greg Koukl interviews Nancy Pearcey about how secularization has claimed the arts, and discusses her book Saving Leonardo. If you’re like me, you will want to order her book.

Nancy Pearcey on STR >>>


So Pastor, What’s Your Point?

Dennis Prutow, Professor of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary and author of the book So Pastor, What’s Your Point?, is interviewed on Christ the Center.

The Point of a Sermon >>>