NAMB & 9Marks Church Planting & Revitalization Conference 2017

9Marks and the North American Missions Board (NAMB) partnered with Send DC to hold a one-day conference on church planting and revitalization in DC.  This year’s focus was “Understanding the Basics for Planters & Revitalizers”.


  • Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC
  • Jonathan Leeman, Editorial Director, 9Marks
  • Bobby Jamieson, Associate Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC
  • Ed Moore, Senior Pastor, North Shore Baptist Church, Queens, NY
  • Nathan Knight, Senior Pastor, Restoration Church, Washington, DC
  • Brian Davis, Pastor, Risen Christ Fellowship, Philadelphia, PA
  • Philip Van Steenburgh, Senior Pastor, Grace Harbor Church, Cape Cod, MA
  • John Onwuchekwa, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Atlanta, GA

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The Purity and Unity of the Church: Grudem Systematic Theology series

Somehow I’ve missed this post in the chronology of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology series.  This message on the purity of the church looks at church discipline, which is not an unloving act, nor a promotion of disunity.  Church discipline seeks the churches purity, not only of the church itself, but the purifying chastening of God in the life of the unrepentant.

The Purity and Unity of the Church mp3 >>>

Past Shepherd’s Conference messages now free

why-img1The Shepherd’s Conference has become an annual pilgrimage for many pastors across the world, and an mp3 gold mine for those in the ministry.  The Shepherd’s Fellowship has made all Shepherd’s conference messages of previous years free for download.  If you are in the ministry, this will be a treasured resource that will encourage and challenge.

Registration in the Shepherd’s Fellowship is reguired. It’s free.

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The Power of the Church and Church Discipline

Waynes 3 classes on the Power of the church considers the Power of the church in spiritual warfare, the powerful promotion of the Gospel, and the power entrusted to it regarding church discipline.

The class on church discipline is particularly noteworthy.  Grudem provides very considered anecdotal evidence that God not only has his hand in disciplining those believers who are harming the church, but also that God honors a churches decision to discipline a member, often supporting the church when the sinning member tries to run to another church who may not know about the discipline.  Fascinating food for thought.

The Power of the Church mp3 pt. 1 >>>

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Biblical Leadership seminar with Alexander Strauch

Alexander Strauch gave a 4 message seminar to Desert Springs Church on the subject of Biblical Leadership.  If you are in ministry and haven’t yet heard Strauch on eldership or church leadership, this will be a good seminar to get into, even if you are a congregationalist or have no elders.

Biblical Leadership series >>>

9 Marks audio collection

Operated by Mark Dever and Matt Schmucker, 9 Marks has proven to be one of the most valuable assets for church leaders today. Their website is very extensive, featuring articles and a helpful walk-thru of the 9 Marks of a healthy church, including brief audio answers about how the 9 Marks should be implemented and common questions that arise. They have successfully pooled the wisdom of many godly, experienced pastors.

9marks-logo.gifThe highlight of the site is the extensive audio collection, most of which are interviews and discussions with pastors and theologians about current topics, mostly related to the health of the church. If you are a pastor, elder or interested in ministry, this is one site you need to frequent.

9 Marks >>>

Mark Dever on Church Leadership and Polity

A number of excellent interviews and discussions at 9 Marks on church leadership, elders, polity, ecclesiology. Any church leader would benefit tremendously from these discussions.

Elders, Deacons and Church Leadership>>>

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Modern Church Reform>>>

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