John Gerstner

John Gerstner is among my favorite preachers. This Professor of Church History is one of the most clear and insightful preachers I’ve ever heard, and he brings his vast knowledge about church history to bear in his messages.

Aisquith Presbyterian Church has many of his sermons in their audio archives.

John Gerstner at Aisquith >>>

Hand-out Church History, John Gerstner

I don’t say much about mp3’s that have a price tag, primarily because I can’t afford it.  However, Ligonier has just announced sweeping price reductions, and in light of that, I am recommending a series on church history by John Gerstner that is very good. 

John Gerstner had an incredible mind filled with an amazing amount of information.  R. C. Sproul has commented on Gerstners vast knowledge of history and doctrine.  Even more amazing, is that Gerstner is spellbinding in his ability to teach.  There is no labor in listening to him teach or lecture.  He is a pure joy, and that is a good match for a church history course.

I first listened to this series 5 years ago when I was looking for a good church history overview, and I still remember many things Gerstner said.  This course is well worth the money.

Hand-Out Church History with John Gerstner >>>