The New Shape of World Christianity

Mark Noll talks about his new book The New Shape of World Christianity with the panel at Christ the Center, along with guest Darryl G. Hart.

The main point of the book is that American Christianity is important for the world primarily because the world is coming more and more to look like America.  Noll argues that the key to understanding the new shape of global Christianity lies in understanding the shifts and changes Christianity underwent when it moved from Europe to America.  Noll focuses on three main factors:

  1. What happened in the US in the late 18th c.
  2. The voluntary element of the great mission work
  3. The type of faith that resulted.

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American Reformation Heritage

Darryl Hart builds a case for rethinking our ecclesiology. Currently we have 3 kinds of churches: doctrinal, cultural, and pietists.  Hart argues for a 4th category which he calls confessional.  These were delivered in 2005 at the Reformation Heritage Conference.

Session One: “Where Are We Now?: An Evaluation of Reformed Christianity in America” Click Here

Session Two: “The Appeal & Disappointment of Evangelicalism: Is Reformed Christianity Evangelical?” Click Here

Session Three: “Putting the Reformation back in Reformed Christianity” Click Here

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