Eric Alexander Basics 2002

Eric Alexander gives two messages followed by a Q& A.

Eric Alexander first looks at Samuel’s ministry recorded in 1 Samuel 12 as his role shifts from Judge to Prophet, and he mediates between God and the people who sinned by demanding a king. Alexander looks at the subject of prayer in Samuel’s life and demonstrates how intercession played one of the most critical roles in his ministry.  This principle is dramatically illustrated by Israel’s battle with Amalek, where Joshua and Aaron hold up Moses arms, and when his arms fall Amalek prevails, but when Moses arms are held high Israel prevails.  As Eric sees it, this is God etching the truth that the battle does not belong to the warriors, but to the intercessors in spiritual warfare.

His second message is a phenomenal look at Psalm 63, and he asks 3 questions:  1.  What is this thirst? 2. Where does it come from? and 3.  How does it satisfy?

“It is a mark of spiritual barrenness in the church when people come to worship to fulfill a duty and to keep a habit rather than to satisfy an appetite.”

The Psalmist looks to his thirst for God as an indicator of the condition of his soul.  Do we see this thirst in the people in our churches, or in our own lives?  We burn with thirst for material things, knowledge, pleasure, status, achievement and all manner of things.  If we truly thirst deeply for God he will truly satisfy.  And the only way we get this thirst is supernaturally.  It is a supernatural thirst.  It is not a natural human thirst.

The Q&A is a marvelous session between Eric Alexander, Derek Prime and Dick Lucas.  This Basics conference is a gem.

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