Jeremiah Burrough’s ‘The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment’

Michael Phillips has been blessing his congregation in Fremont, California with a great many sermon series based on Puritan writings.  This 8 sermon series is no exception, and takes a look at the classic Purtian work by Jeremiah Burroughs, ‘The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment.’ 

You will be challenged by this series to consider where your discontent lies and why. Burroughs is one of my favorite Puritan authors and Phillip brings this important book to life in his unique fashion.

The Excellency of Contentment>>>

Matthew Henry ‘The Seven Last Sayings of Christ on the Cross’

Michael Phillips has tackled 7 sermons focusing on Matthew Henry’s teaching on the seven last sayings of Christ on the Cross. Puritan Matthew Henry is one of the few preachers who have written a commentary on the whole Bible, his teaching is highly valued.

The Seven Sayings of Christ on the Cross>>>

Heresies in the Church, Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips, the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Fremont, California, taught his congregation once a month on a specific doctrinal heresy from church history.  This kind of teaching is valuable in that it helps to sharpen our minds in exercising doctrinal discernment.  We gain great benefits by looking back on how the church handled the heresy.

 Some of the heresies he’s been looking at include Gnosticism, Judaism, Arianism, Pelagianism, the Iconoclast controversy, Transubstantiation, Liberalism, Neo-Orthodoxy, and Open Theism.

Heresies in the Church>>>