Shepherding Your Child’s Heart

Ted Tripp’s teaching on Shepherding Your Child’s Heart has become a classic of child-rearing.

Monergism has posted the audio from a 3-part seminar by the same name taught by Tripp.  The first seminar deals with children from infancy to 5 years of age. The second session looks at ages 6 to 12. The third session deals with teenagers.

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Raising Boys to be Men

Al Mohler interviews Col. Shane Blanton, the president of a Christian boys school.  While most of the conversation surrounds this school that Blanton oversees, Mohler discusses some of the current challenges parents face with raising boys.

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Parenting Conference with William Mackenzie and Sinclair Ferguson

Children are not the future of the church, as the popular expression goes.  Children are of the present church.

William Mackenzie, director of Christian Focus Publications, joins his wife Carine and Sinclair Ferguson in participating in a parenting conference presented at Ferguson’s church. Mackenzie  presents a number of messages about the importance of investing spiritually in our children.  He begins by presenting the case of how the world is targeting Christian children with atheism, and specifically attempting to turn children away from the Bible.  He does so by quoting Richard Dawkins and popular children’s book author Phillip Pullman, both atheists who believe teaching children Christianity is a form of child abuse.

Mackenzie spends an entire message discussing the importance of family worship, and he carefully relates the practice of family worship that he grew up with.  This is a valuable insight into a rare Christian home that looked like a mini church.

Mackenzie’s wife Carine, an author of a great many children’s books, and Sinclair Ferguson also each presented a single message.  William carried the bulk of speaking at this conference.

This is a great conference, filled with information and exhortation that will challenge you to consider the Godly heritage of children in a sadly unfamiliar light.

William Mackenzie is director of Christian Focus Publications, which also carries the wonderful imprints of Mentor and Christian Heritage. He and his wife Carrie, an author, join Sinclair Ferguson at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina.

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How Not to Raise a Pagan, by Al Mohler

A must-hear message if you have children.  If this quote doesn’t whet your appetite, then….

“One of the reasons we are raising a generation of pagans in our midst, is that we are faithful as parents to talk about God, but the God we talk about is not the God of the Bible. Many Children growing up in Christian homes simply don’t know the God of the Bible.  They know the god of popular culture, the god of popular piety, they know the user-friendly god of Amercian consumerism; they know the god who doesn’t require much of them; the god who is kindly and sweet and remote; the god who is like an indulgent grandparent; the god who doesn’t take sin too seriously; the god who doesn’t take his people’s allegience too seriously; the god who fits in the gaps where necessary; the god who shows up at a blessing at a meal — hurried and rushed to get to the main purpose of the meal; the god who shows up at a crisis and someone remembers him and speaks of him.  There is no wonder, when we think about it, that we are raising pagans, because the god they have come to know in many Christian homes simply isn’t the God of the Bible.  He is himself an idol.”

“Too many of our children are innoculated with this false and artificial understanding of God, because they think of God’s Word as something like a greeting card….Do your children know that God kills people?”

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Parenting by Grace: Mike Bullmore

This is an excellent seminar on parenting.  If you know anything about Mike Bullmore you will want to listen to this with the notes and a pencil or pen.  Bullmore has a great way of providing the big picture of our purpose in parenting before getting into more practical suggestions.

Unfortunately, the audio quality isn’t the best on some of these recordings.  Do what you can to listen because it’s worth the work.

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Don’t Waste Your Kids

Gregg Harris, father to Joshua Harris, the pastor of Covenant Life Baptist Church, spoke at Josh’s church on Psalm 127.  And Oh, by the way, he is also father to twin boys, Alex and Brett Harris, who at 19 have written a widely selling book and hold large conferences across the country called ‘The Rebelution’, which is one of the best things going for teenage Christians today.

My youngest will become a teenager later this year, so I’m off to a head start and thankful for the resources of the Harris clan.

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Parenting with Pastor Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly, pastor of Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque recently preached 4 sermons on parenting.  I’ve only listened to a few, but what I heard was very good.

The Wisdom of Parenting with Toughness mp3 >>>

The Wisdom of Parenting with Instruction mp3 >>>

The Family Together in Corporate Worship mp3 >>>

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John Angell James: Pursuing the Souls of the Next Generation

David Michael presented an intriging biographical sketch on the life of John Angell James, an English preacher of the early 19th century who wrote many helpful books such as ‘A Help to Domestic Happiness’, ‘The Christian Father’s Present to His Children’, ‘Female Piety’, and ‘An Earnest Ministry.’ 

James is well known for his instruction in the home, and it is this focus that David Michael takes in his biographical sketch of James which he presented at The 2007 Children Desiring God conference.  Biographical sketches allow us not only to learn good habits and ways of thinking, it helps us to learn from failures.  There are many rich gems in this address that will challenge any parent in the way they daily lead their children to a life dependant on God.

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The Joy of a Word-filled Family, by John Barnett

John Barnett’s series, both in book and audio sermon form, covers a much neglected part of the Christian life in relation to family spiritual leadership.  I have spent many hours listening to his messages from this series and combing through this excellent book.  You will want to purchase this book because you will want to refer to it again and again. If you are a father, don’t pass this series up.  Highly Recommended.


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