Coming Home; New Heaven & New Earth: The Gospel Coalition 2015 National Conference

This years TGC National Conference “Coming Home” is now available online. The usual suspects gathered in Orlando in April to talk about Heaven. Don Carson, Tim Keller, John Piper, Phil Ryken, Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, Voddie Baucham, and a new face, a pastor from Brazil, Augustus Nicodemus Lopes, gave the plenary addresses.

From the website:

The conference titled Coming Home: New Heaven and New Earth sought to stir longing for our ultimate home in heaven as we explored the sweep of redemption from creation to consummation, from Genesis to Revelation. Through times of worship, prayer, fellowship and instruction, we sought to reaffirm the Bible’s teaching on eschatology and declare in word and song with joyful hope that Jesus is returning soon. Along with the nine main plenary sessions we had more than 50 workshops and focus gatherings led by speakers addressing topics including evangelism, homosexuality, student ministry, sexual abuse, faith and work, and more.

Don’t miss Al Mohler’s workshop address “Aftermath”, or G. K. Beale & Ligon Duncan’s workshop “The Gospel and Eschatology.”

Coming Home, The TGC 2015 Conference >>>


The Convergence of Doctrine & Delight

Ray Ortlund and Sam Storms speak at this years Clarus Conference at Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque New Mexico.  The subject of the conference the relationship of doctrine with true Christian joy, delighting in God.  Sam Storms considers how we have joy in the doctrine of election, and also considers why having joy in God matters.

Clarus Conference 2009 >>>

Psalms Project

Union University Chapel has begun a series of guest chapel lectures to focus on the Psalms.

Ray Ortlundt kicked off the series with a very thoughtful and impassioned look at Psalm 1. I really enjoy Ortlundt’s preaching, and this one was a real treat. One great quote (paraphrase) to whet your taste buds, “What we delight in will shape our eternity.”

Ray Ortlundt: Psalm 1 – The Word and Worship>>>

Craig Blaising looks at how the Psalms were used in the early church as a part of the worship.

Craig Blaising: The Psalms in Early Christian Worship >>>

John Witvliet takes a fresh, and very stirring, look at the Psalms as a guide to exercise our interaction with God.  He makes a special point for worship leaders not to get too hung up on style, but on content.  Our musical worship should give us voice to say things to God that we don’t normally say.

John Witvliet: A Gymnasium for the Soul >>>

Ray Ortlund: 3 Lectures on Preaching

Ray Ortlund has given us a very valuable series of messages on preaching. 

Ortlund looks at Paul’s decision in 1 Corinthians to not preach with the cleverness of man.  Clever speech is rhetoric.  When Paul went to preach to a group of people, his concern was what they needed to hear.  Content was his goal. When a rhetorician goes to speak, his primary concern is who his audience is, not the content.  Rhetoric is his goal. Paul understood that the only value of rhetoric was to point audiences to his own abilities.  Above all else, God needs men who are crucifed to themselves to carry his Word to the world.

Pastors also must have a desire to see their people grow. They are not to despise their people, or complain about them, rather they must have sincere and earnest desire to see their people grow in sanctification, and flourish in their relationship with Christ.  A pastor’s congregation is his testimony to present to Christ in the last day.  What an awesome responsibility and priviledge it is to be entrusted with the care of God’s people.

Pastors must also delight in their weaknesses.  It is only when a pastor is weak that God can be glorified with his successes.  If we were strong then we would take glory away from God. When a pastor boasts, he should boast in his weakness, which reveals the strength of God.  Weakness is where we recieve power from God.

This is a very encouraging, clarifying and challenging trio of lectures.  These were delivered at this years Mullins Lectures.

Power in Preaching: Decide (1 Corinthians 2:1-5)

Power in Preaching: Desire (1 Thessalonians 1:2-5)

Power in Preaching: Delight (2 Corinthians 12:1-10)