By What Standard? Critical Race Theory and the SBC

In 2019 the Southern Baptist Convention voted to adopt Proposition 9 on Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. The proposition was brought to the convention and rushed through with little time for debate. Not only was this brought to the vote in a sketchy manner, it was really disingenuous given how challenging the subject matter is. How many of those voting members in that massive auditorium would even be able to define the terms Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality in any meaningful way? Without a healthy debate this was an emotional vote, not an informed vote.

By What Standard? is a documentary produced by Founders Ministries to reflect on this SBC vote and to provide the material that should have been considered and debated. Tom Ascol, Rod Martin, Josh Buice, Thomas Nettles, Voddie Baucham, Al Mohler, Summer White Jaeger, and others weigh in on the issues that are fracturing the Southern Baptist Convention.

It’s important for Christians to be informed about what Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality is so that we can understand what’s happening in our culture, address racial injustices in a Christian manner, and maintain the integrity of the Gospel and God’s Word.

You can also watch By What Standard? at the Founders website >>>