Ligonier Contending for the Truth 2007 Conference

contendingforthetruth.jpgSproul, MacArthur, Mohler, Piper and Zacharias put on a great conference which looked at the problem of postmodernism and the attacks being made against orthodox Christianity today.  The 14 sessions in MP3 are available for download for $45.

  • Postmodernism and Philosophy (Zacharias)
  • Postmodernism and Society (Mohler)
  • Postmodernism and Christianity (Sproul Jr)
  • Questions and Answers
  • The Task of Apologetics (Sproul)
  • Faith and Reason (Piper) free at Desiring God>>>
  • The Challenge of Science (MacArthur)
  • The Challenge of Relativism (Piper) free at Desiring God>>>
  • The Problem of Evil (MacArthur)
  • The Existence of God (Zacharias)
  • The Authority of Scripture (Mohler)
  • The Holy Spirit and Apologetics (Mohler)
  • Questions and Answers #2
  • The Resurrection of Christ (Sproul)
  • Contending for the Truth mp3 collection page >>>