Dick Lucas Archive at TGC

For more than a decade I’ve been downloading and listening to hundreds of sermons each year. I’ve been able to sit under the teaching of men I would have never known about, much less have access to their past sermons had it not been for the Internet. While I have a massive list of favorite preachers there are a handful of men I routinely turn to again and again.  At the top of my list is Dick Lucas, retired pastor of St. Helen’s Bishopsgate in London, and while he’s in his 90’s (I believe) he still preaches on occasion.

Dick Lucas is one of those preachers whose sermons are clear, engaging and uncommonly weighty. Most of his sermons are less than 30 minutes in duration as he often preached during the lunch hour on weekdays.

The Gospel Coalition has a massive archive of Dick Lucas’ sermons.  You can also find sermons and videos of Lucas at the St. Helen’s website.

TGC Dick Lucas Archive >>>


Don Carson Sermons on the TGC Website

One of the most searched for speakers on this site is D. A. Carson, or Don Carson.  Just a reminder that The Gospel Coalition now hosts more of Don’s lectures and sermons than you would ever listen to, and they’ve recently migrated their resources to a new library.

Don Carson at TGC Resource Library >>>

John Gerstner

John Gerstner is among my favorite preachers. This Professor of Church History is one of the most clear and insightful preachers I’ve ever heard, and he brings his vast knowledge about church history to bear in his messages.

Aisquith Presbyterian Church has many of his sermons in their audio archives.

John Gerstner at Aisquith >>>


Sinclair Ferguson Massive Sermon Index

Monergism has been actively digitizing and collecting sermons by Sinclair Ferguson, and Feeding on Christ has created a helpful Scripture and topical index for this large collection.

Sinclair Ferguson Index >>>


William Still Expositions

Monergism has been gathering a boat-load of expositional series by Scottish preacher William Still. Still preached extensively through both the Old and New Testaments during his 52 year ministry.

William Still Expositions >>>


Martyn Lloyd-Jones Sermons Now Available to All

The MLJ Trust has made the landmark decision to make available all 1600 sermons by Martyn Lloyd-Jones available as free downloads beginning today.

Here is a portion of the announcement made by the MLJ Trust:

This is probably the biggest announcement the MLJ Trust will ever make. Starting from tomorrow, April 12th, all 1,600 recorded sermons by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones will be available to download, at no cost, to anyone who wants to listen to them! There are no exceptions, so the Ephesians sermons, Romans sermons, etc. will all be available (it will take a few days to make sure that they are all included in the library). All one has to do is join the MLJ Library (membership is free of course) and start to download! Simply go to our newly updated site athttp://www.mljtrust.org and click on “MLJ Library”.

This is a decision that the UK Board has been wrestling with for a long time, because by moving away from the sale of MP3 discs (and tapes before that), which has kept the Recordings Trust in existence for 30 years in God’s grace, they will become completely dependent (as we are in the United States MLJ Trust ministry), on the voluntary donations of brothers and sisters who feel called to support the ministry while downloading sermons.

In the end, however, and after much prayer and discussion, our brothers in the UK felt that as the world of low-cost distribution through the internet was now far reaching enough that most people around the world (even in developing countries) can gain access to this ministry through a computer, and as many other ministries have had a positive experience shifting to a voluntary donation approach to on-line sermons, they felt (as we do) that this change might be in accordance with God’s will.

While there is some nervousness about such a big change, it our our most earnest hope, on both sides of the Atlantic, that this announcment will help us to fulfill the objective that has fueled this ministry since its inception 30 years ago: To preserve, and make as widely available as possible, the doctrinal exposition of God’s word by the late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, a man who could never quite believe how God had used him for the benefit of the Gospel over his long ministry in the pulpit of Westminster Chapel.

This announcement eMail has been timed to coincide with our formal announcement at “Together for the Gospel”. This morning (Wednesday, April 11th), we will be making the announcement on stage to the approximately 7,000+ Christian leaders and teachers who will be attending, and we never forget that the participation of the MLJ Trust at this conference was made possible by the kind support of our subscribers.

We applaud the MLJ Trust for their work in preserving the audio of the Doctor’s sermons in the past, and we now applaud them for making his sermons available to the world. I would encourage you to make a donation to support them in this new period for the Trust.

Paul Washer’s Top 15 Sermons

Monergism has posted 15 of the most downloaded sermons preached by Paul Washer.

Paul Washer’s Top 15 Sermons >>>


Douglas Wilson Audio at CanonWired

CanonWired is a ministry of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, the pastorate of Douglas Wilson. CanonWired is providing audio, video and other excellent resources free of charge, and I encourage you to visit the site and see what’s there.

CanonWired >>>


Preaching The Word.com

There is a great audio sermon site at preachingtheword.com.  This site contains hundreds of sermons by Ray Ortlandt, R. Kent Hughes, Iain Duguid, Phil Ryken and others.

preachingtheword.com >>>


A Martyn Lloyd-Jones Roundup

Ian Vaillancourt has put together a nice list of links to free and paid sermons of Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

A Martyn Lloyd-Jones Roundup >>>