Building the Church with the Gospel: Don Carson

St. Helen’s Bishopsgate Church in London recently hosted the SEGP 2011 Extended Weekend with Don Carson speaking a lengthy series on Building the Church with the Gospel. ┬áThe messages are:

Only One Life: Why Consider Full Time Gospel Ministry

Only One Life: Q&A

The Rich Man and Lazarus

The Parable of the Talents

Living & Serving in Light of the End

Preserving the Gospel and Gospel Churches

Leaders Who Build Churches Part 1

Leaders Who Build Churches Part 2

I am really looking forward to this series as soon as my current iPod load clears up, and then I will post more about it.

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Biography of J. C. Ryle

There isn’t a whole lot of material on the life of Bishop J. C Ryle. ┬áThis biography of Ryle, by Bart Carlson of Grace Church, Downingtown, Pennsylvania, is a welcome voice on the life of this man who has greatly contributed to the church.

What you may not know, is that Ryle was marginalized within the Anglican church for taking strong stands to preserve the Gospel. He was a simple, country preacher whose writings have been cherished by many Christians to this day, and are still in publication. Many are considered classics, such as Holiness, Thoughts for Young Men, A Call to Prayer, and his Expository Thoughts on the Gospels series.

Bart Carlson has given us a wonderful biographical sketch of this impactful preacher.

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