Don Carson: How the Book of Hebrews uses the Old Testament

Union University recently hosted The Word Within the Word Conference, and Don Carson was the plenary speaker, giving 3 messages.  There are a great many messages by other speakers that have very interesting topics, yet I would like to highlight Don’s marvelous contribution.  Don incredibly helps us to see how our entire Bible is threaded together by these critical passages that consider the superiority of Christ, and the priesthood of Christ.  As Don says, these passages deal with things we Western Christians are completely incoherent about.

Psalm 2:7 & Samuel 7:14 in Hebrews 1

Psalm 95 in Hebrews 3 & 4

Genesis 14 & Psalm 110 in Hebrews 7

Carson tackled similar subject matter last year in a series of messages entitled ‘Why Does Hebrews Cite the Old Testament Like That?’ However, in those messages Carson focused on 4 verses in Hebrews 1 and two verses in Hebrews 5.  While there is a bit of crossover, this series is more sweeping in scope, and builds upon the previous series, even though Don may not have intended that.  Highly recommended.

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