R.C. Sproul interviews Ben Stein

Ben Stein’s forthcoming movie ‘Expelled:  No Intelligence Allowed’ is a documentary look at how scientists and teachers are being persecuted for questioning Darwinism — and that in a country that upholds freedom of speech.

Sproul and Stein engage in a fascinating and enlightening look at the inconsistencies of the educational system and current scientific philosophy — which Stein calls the ‘Church of Darwin.’

The interview is on video only (until Ligonier converts it to mp3), so you may have to watch it online.  Not sure if it can be downloaded.  A copy can be purchased through Ligonier.

Sproul interviews Ben Stein >>>

Ligonier Contending for the Truth 2007 Conference

contendingforthetruth.jpgSproul, MacArthur, Mohler, Piper and Zacharias put on a great conference which looked at the problem of postmodernism and the attacks being made against orthodox Christianity today.  The 14 sessions in MP3 are available for download for $45.

  • Postmodernism and Philosophy (Zacharias)
  • Postmodernism and Society (Mohler)
  • Postmodernism and Christianity (Sproul Jr)
  • Questions and Answers
  • The Task of Apologetics (Sproul)
  • Faith and Reason (Piper) free at Desiring God>>>
  • The Challenge of Science (MacArthur)
  • The Challenge of Relativism (Piper) free at Desiring God>>>
  • The Problem of Evil (MacArthur)
  • The Existence of God (Zacharias)
  • The Authority of Scripture (Mohler)
  • The Holy Spirit and Apologetics (Mohler)
  • Questions and Answers #2
  • The Resurrection of Christ (Sproul)
  • Contending for the Truth mp3 collection page >>>