Luther: In Real Time

Ligonier Ministries produced a wonderful podcast series called Luther: In Real Time. It’s a series of short 10-minute episodes that Follows Luther’s footsteps in his conflict with the Catholic Church and Pope Leo X. This is the story of Luther’s part in the Protestant Reformation.

The series is written by Douglas Bond and presented by Barry Cooper.

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Luther & Media with Carl Trueman

Christ the Center invites Carl Trueman to discuss Martin Luther, media, and it’s contemporary correlations for today.  From the Reformed Forum:

Luther’s is an interesting study in the effects of media on the church.  Trueman discusses Luther’s context and draws parallels to the contemporary church.  All the way from the printing press to Twitter, join us for a fascinating discussion on a timely subject.

Luther & Media >>>

The Reformation, Then and Now

Mark Dever interviews Michael Reeves about the Reformation, and what we need to understand from it today. Michael explains how we’ve lost much of what the Reformation stood for, and how many of the problems we face today could be avoided had we applied the lessons of the Reformation.

Reeves book, The Unquenchable Flame, has become a standard reading assignment for the interns at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. According to Mark Dever, this book is one of the most accurate, readable and motivational history books he has ever read.

The Reformation, Then and Now >>>