Resolved 2011

This past June the Resolved Conference was held in Palm Springs, and featured it’s brain child Rick Holland and many of his usual suspects: John MacArthur, Al Mohler, C.J. Mahaney and Steve Lawson.  This was a fantastic conference, not that I would expect anything less.

The Lynchpin to Spiritual Growth  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)

Authority of the Scriptures  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)

Prove It: Knowing and Doing the Will of God  Al Mohler  Audio (MP3)

A Vision of God in a Time of Crisis  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)

When Someone Doubts  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)

Our So Great Salvation   Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)

The Believer’s Right Response to Difficulty  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)

Children of Light  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)

So I Really Do Need The Law?   Al Mohler  Audio (MP3)

Called, Loved, and Kept  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)

2011 Resolved Conference audio >>>

2010 Shepherd’s Conference

The Shepherd’s Conference is one of those conferences that seldom disappoints, if ever.  While this years conference didn’t have the “bang” of previous years, it was nonetheless edifying and challenging, with the old standbys in the pulpit: MacArthur, Johnson, Holland and Lawson.

2010 Shepherd’s Conference >>>

Resolved 2009

This years Resolved Conference was on the popular subject of sin, and the messages are excellent.   The speakers spoke about understanding sin and how to fight sin in your life.   The theme of the conference is from John Owen who wrote “Be killing sin, or it will be killing you.”

The War Against Your Soul, Rick Holland
Blessed Bankruptcy, Steve Lawson
Who’s Really at Work, C.J. Mahaney
Blessed Purity, Steve Lawson
A Theology of Creation, John MacArthur
God’s Sovereignty Over Satan’s Fall, John Piper
A Biblical Strategy for Fighting Sexual Sin, Rick Holland
The Sanctifying Shepherd, John MacArthur
The Troubled Soul, C. J. Mahaney
How Sin Serves the Glory of Christ, John Piper

A few messages worth noting:

Steve Lawson’s message “Blessed Bankruptcy” looks at Matthew 5:3, “Blessed are the poor in spirit” and is one of the best messages I’ve heard on this beattitude. Don’t miss this one.

John MacArthur’s message “The Sanctifying Shepherd” is fantastic, and desperately needed in our current climate of wild and crazy church planting and evangelism techniques.  MacArthur brings us back to take a sober look at the shepherding of our Lord Jesus Christ who alone has the power to save and sanctify.  I think many honest church strategists will listen to this and discover they are operating outside of the pasture that Christ is.

MacArthur’s message “A Theology of Creation” is the same message he gave at the Shepherd’s Conference.  Though a repeat, if you have not heard it, it is a look at how a literal 6 day creation is the only honest way to deal with Genesis 1-3.  MacArthur makes a great case for the miraculous nature of creation which is beyond scientific means of measuring and explaining.

Rick Holland takes a hard look at the problem of sexual sin in the church and presents a biblical strategy for fighting it.

All in all, this Resolved Conference continues to affirm that Resolved is one of the best conferences in the evangelical world, not just for college students, but for anyone who likes sound theology powerfully proclaimed.

Resolved 2009 >>>

2009 Shepherd’s Conference

For the first year the audio downloads of the Shepherds Conference are free of charge right out of the gate.  You just have to sign up for an account if you don’t have one.

There are some great highlights for this years conference.

John MacArthur opened the conference with a careful and we reasoned address on 6 day creation.  MacArthur contends that creation is a miracle and is therefore out of the bounds of science to analyze in any satisfying way, and therefore, we need to be careful that we keep science in it’s place.  After all, scientific method is not perfect or infallible.  Lazarus was raised from the dead, and Jesus multiplied the fish and loaves to feed 5000.  Would science be of any service if it were able to analyze the fish or sample the blood of Lazarus?  MacArthur offers a great many arguments that cannot be overlooked by Christians’ who engage in “Creation Science”.

The headliner to the Shepherds Conference this year belongs to Al Mohler, for his one address which powerfully exhorts preachers to authoritative preaching.  To preach without an element of authority means 1. you don’t know your text, and 2. you don’t fully understand that Scripture is the very Word of God to man.  If we believe that the power of God is in the Word’s of Scripture we will preach it as such.  Our preaching will reflect this conviction.  Phil Johnson writes a post on the conference, particularly highlighting Al Mohler’s address.

In General Session 3, John MacArthur talks about the history of his ministry and how he developed his convictions about how the church should operate.  This was a very helpful address that will encourage pastors to remain faithful to Scripture while shelving the business and contextualization strategies that plague the church today.

General Session 5 is a Q&A with MacArthur on the subject of expository preaching.  These are not questions from the audience, these are questions written by the elders and pastors at Grace Community Church.  The result is a very informative and helpful session about the place of preaching, why expository preaching is so important, and what methods MacArthur uses.  There is so much information here you will want to have pen and paper to take notes.

Phil Johnson steps up to the plate and completely dismantles the new trend toward vulgarity in the pulpit, and in my estimation, leaves those who engage in such a pulpit practice without any of their usual arguments for doing so.  Phil looks to Paul’s letter to Titus for his exhortation.  Titus was a pastor in Crete, which was a grunge culture of new converts, very similar to the target audience of most evangelical post-modern preachers who bring vulgarity into the pulpit.  Paul did not suggest in any way that Titus contextualize his preaching in that culture.  Phil’s arguments and biblical reasoning takes the wind out of their sails and calls them to repentence.

Rick Holland considers what it means to have a fearless ministry, to the likes of John Knox and the Apostle Paul.  Rick looks at 2 Corinthians 11 and gives some strong and weighty exhortation to fearlessness.

Steve Lawson looks at Galatians 1 and considers what it means to defend the Gospel.

MacArthur closes the conference by addressing the common question, “Why does God allow suffering and evil in the world?”  He does this by looking at different categories of evil.

Shepherds Conference audio >>>

Rick Holland Interviews John MacArthur on 40 years of Ministry

Yesterday Grace Community Church celebrated John MacArthur’s 40 years of ministry at this church.  Rick Holland interviews John regarding his 40 years of ministry, and you might be surprised to hear some of his stories.

John relates his brush with the civil rights movement while preaching at black churches in Mississippi, including being there the day Martin Luther King was shot.  Holland quizzes MacArthur on his conversion, his participation in training camp for the Washington Redskins, and his courting of his wife Patricia.

We also learn about three years between John’s seminary training and his pastorate, where he was a representative of Talbot, and the primary purpose of his position was to get him preaching, which he did 30 to 35 times per month.

John also relates how he came to pastor Grace Community Church in 1969, and how it grew under his preaching ministry.  How the tape ministry started.

John also talks about the men who had the most influence on his life, from his father, Charles Feinberg, Ralph Kyper and the Apostle Paul.

The interview closes with John talking about what led him to work on the MacArthur Study Bible and the challenges that kind of effort brought. 

Holland interviews MacArthur mp3 >>>

Men’s Fall Conference: Rick Holland

Rick Holland, the mastermind behind the Resolved Conference, delivered 4 messages for the 2008 Men’s Conference at Grace Community Church of Huntsville, Alabama.

Rick considers the qualities of godly manhood.  First he looks at the importance of sexual purity, which is an area a lot of men and Christian leaders fail.  Second he looks at humility, which is one quality which God says catches his eye.  Do you want to catch God’s eye — pursue humility and a trembling at God’s Word. Thirdly, Rick considers the qualifications of elders listed in the book of Titus.  The Q&A session was helpful and lively on a wide variety of questions submitted by the audience. 

Men Who are Pure
Men Who are Humble
Men Who are Leaders
Questions & Answers

2008 Men’s Fall Conference >>>

Heaven & Hell: Resolved 2008

This was perhaps one of the most significant conferences I’ve heard in the past few years. Not that others haven’t been good, but this one was special.

Randy Alcorn, John MacArthur, John Piper, Steve Lawson, Rick Holland and C.J. Mahaney all did an outstanding job in redirecting our focus to the larger things at work in life that require carefull thinking.

Heaven & Hell: Resolved 2008 page >>>

The Truth About Homosexuality

The Master’s Seminary Faculty Lecture series for 2008 is online.  This years subject is the volatile issue of Homosexuality.

  • Dr. John MacArthur: “The Bible on Sexuality and Homosexuality”
  • Dr. Michael Grisanti: “Cultural and Medical Myths about Homosexuality”
  • Dr. Irv Busenitz: “Marriage and Homosexuality”
  • Dr. Rick Holland: “Parenting and Homosexuality”
  • Professor Alex Montoya: “The Church’s Biblical Response to Homosexuals”
  • The Truth About Homosexuality page >>>

    2008 Shepherds’ Conference

    As to be expected, this years Shepherds’ Conference was great, and it focused on the prime responsibilities of the church which are being clouded by a wide array of church growth strategies. I was fortunate enough to listen to a few sessions through the live feed, which was real treat.

    The concern of this conference is to examine and challenge the contemporary church’s lopsided attention to meeting the culture at the expense of the universality of the transforming message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    MacArthur kicks off with a look at what a church is, and compares today’s church growth movement with God’s church growth movement recorded in the church in Acts. An excellent, and even fearful, look at how God designed the church to function.

    Rick Holland picked up the baton and examined lessons we need to learn from Nadab and Abihu, that those who approach God in leadership must approach God as a holy God. Phil Johnson looked at how Jesus and Paul engaged the culture in light of contemporary evangelicals focusing on trying to find ground for conversation and not confrontation as the New Testament outlines.

    Steve Lawson brought out the big stick and hammered home the power and sufficiency of Scripture, and reinforced the truth that preachers are nothing without the power of Scripture at work behind them.

    MacArthur did a Q&A.

    Al Mohler trumpets the concern that we have lost the concept that Scripture is a matter of life and death, and have traded it for something far less and profane. He looks at what true preaching entails, as exemplified by Ezra. A true preacher must engage in exposition (read the text and explain it), and then apply that to the people. He focuses his message on Deuteronomy 4, and calls preachers to the urgency that exists for the church to recover true preaching as a matter of life and death.

    MacArthur delivered two messages which his elders said were the two most important messages he preached the previous year. The first looked at Jesus’ words that pointed to the end of Judaism, which had deteriorated into a completely ungodly system. He concluded the conference by looking at the word ‘dulas’ in the New Testament which should be correctly translated ‘slave’, and shows how we have lost meaning by softening that term with the terms ‘servant’ or ‘bondservant,’ which according to MacArthur, is a tragedy in Bible translation.

    This is a very important conference for church leaders to listen to carefully and examine their ministries under it’s light. The ramifications of missing the mark in ministry is not something to be taken lightly.

    Shepherds’ Conference page >>>

    Resolved 2007 Conference Audio online

    Grace Community Church’s Resolved conference has the audio posted online, free of charge.  You only need to sign up for a free account.  Great messages this year by John MacArthur, John Piper, Steve Lawson, CJ Mahaney and Rick Holland.  I will post more details as I listen to them individually.  This year the messages were chronological and built off of the previous messages.

     Audio here>>>