Rick Holland Interviews John MacArthur on 40 years of Ministry

Yesterday Grace Community Church celebrated John MacArthur’s 40 years of ministry at this church.  Rick Holland interviews John regarding his 40 years of ministry, and you might be surprised to hear some of his stories.

John relates his brush with the civil rights movement while preaching at black churches in Mississippi, including being there the day Martin Luther King was shot.  Holland quizzes MacArthur on his conversion, his participation in training camp for the Washington Redskins, and his courting of his wife Patricia.

We also learn about three years between John’s seminary training and his pastorate, where he was a representative of Talbot, and the primary purpose of his position was to get him preaching, which he did 30 to 35 times per month.

John also relates how he came to pastor Grace Community Church in 1969, and how it grew under his preaching ministry.  How the tape ministry started.

John also talks about the men who had the most influence on his life, from his father, Charles Feinberg, Ralph Kyper and the Apostle Paul.

The interview closes with John talking about what led him to work on the MacArthur Study Bible and the challenges that kind of effort brought. 

Holland interviews MacArthur mp3 >>>


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