Arturo Azurdia & Monergistic Regeneration

What is ‘monergistic’ regeneration?  If you don’t know, you should listen to these two messages. Dr. Arturo Azurdia III delivered these two phenomenal messages at the Reformation Society of Oregon a few weeks ago.  Azurdia looks broadly, and also in sharp detail, at regeneration, the call, and salvation. 

Azurdia highly recommended two books by Anthony Hoekema, ‘Saved by Grace’ and ‘The Bible and the Future.’  He also recommended Iain Murray’s book ‘Revival and Revivalism’ which is a great read and provides a clear panorama of recent church history which defines us today.

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Mark Dever Interviewed about Richard Sibbes

Timmy Brister  interviews Mark Dever, the pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C., and president of 9 Marks Ministry, about the Puritan preacher Richard Sibbes. Dever wrote the definitve biography on Richard Sibbes, first as a dissertation, and then as a book.  Dever discusses Sibbes’ life, theology, and both Brister and Dever discuss issues with the SBC and other denominational concerns in light of Sibbes point of view.

Brister is responsible for starting the 2008 Puritan Book Reading Challenge; a challenge to read 12 Puritan classics in 1 year, one each month. The book assigned for January is ‘The Bruised Reed’ written by, you guessed it, Richard Sibbes.  My wife and I are unofficially participating in the challenge, reading ‘The Bruised Reed’  together aloud.  Each month Brister plans to conduct one interview to coincide with the book assigned to that month.

All in all, this is a helpful and interesting interview.  The challenge is a great effort.

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Iain Murray: Pastoring, Preaching, and the Church

I’ve been listening back through some old 9 Marks interviews and I want to highlight one of the most impactful of these interviews.  Iain Murray is a wealth of knowledge as it relates to church history of the past 200 years.  He’s written numerous and well-research biographies of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Charles Spurgeon, Arthur Pink, Charles Wesley and others.  He also began the Banner of Truth Trust and magazine by the same name.  For many years he was an assistant to Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  If anyone demands our attention in discussing contemporary church issues it is Iain Murray with his vast knowledge and wisdom.

There are many church movements today which are repeating the same mistaken ideas of the past that have been proven by time to be failures.  Murray discusses the ministries of Lloyd-Jones, Pink and pulls some great lessons from Wesley that Calvinists need to take heed of.  One thing that surprised me was the Wesley did not utilize the altar call.  Wesley’s Methodists also have the distinct heritage of reaching Austrailia with the gospel when others could not.

Iain also discusses his two recent publications ‘Evangelicalism Divided’ and ‘The Old Evangelicalism.’  This is an interview you need to hear. Sinclair Ferguson said that a man who deeply trusts God will step out and do great things, and Iain has done just that in the faithful service of his life.

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The Person and Work of Christ with Carl Trueman

Christian Heritage has posted 15 lectures given by Carl Trueman on the work of Christ.  I have only listened to the first lecture and will be trying to fit this in to my listening over the next few months.

Person and Work of Christ pt. 1 >>>

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Person and Work of Christ pt. 3 not available

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D. A. Carson on Jeremiah

Would you like to have a better understanding of the differences between the old covenant and the new?  Carson takes us on an incredible journey looking at the prophet Jeremiah and unlocking a trove of treasures that will not only give you a better understanding of the Old Testament, but will give you a deeper appreciation for the new covenant which we live under today. 

D. A. Carson delivered 5 messages and 1 Q&A for the young adults at the Castle







Doctrine of Covenants Wayne Grudem

Grudem covers the character of God as a covenant keeping God, and provides a broad sweep of the covenants, also looking at the covenant of grace.  One interesting distinction he made that was new to me identified the Mosaic covenant as the demarkation of the old covenant and the Davidic with the new covenant, the new being the fulfillment of the Davidic covenant.

During the Q & A the question was raised about why God decided to use the means of the old covenant in human history if it would only be replaced later.  One of the interesting answers offered that didn’t have time to develop was that without the old covenant we would not have as clear an understanding of the sacrifice of Christ. The old covenant imaged the work of Christ in a uniquely powerful way.

Grudem is dispensational, and this discussion did not directly cover the position of ‘Covenant Theology.’

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