Doctrine of Covenants Wayne Grudem

Grudem covers the character of God as a covenant keeping God, and provides a broad sweep of the covenants, also looking at the covenant of grace.  One interesting distinction he made that was new to me identified the Mosaic covenant as the demarkation of the old covenant and the Davidic with the new covenant, the new being the fulfillment of the Davidic covenant.

During the Q & A the question was raised about why God decided to use the means of the old covenant in human history if it would only be replaced later.  One of the interesting answers offered that didn’t have time to develop was that without the old covenant we would not have as clear an understanding of the sacrifice of Christ. The old covenant imaged the work of Christ in a uniquely powerful way.

Grudem is dispensational, and this discussion did not directly cover the position of ‘Covenant Theology.’

Covenants Between God and Man >>>

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