Mark Dever Interviewed about Richard Sibbes

Timmy Brister  interviews Mark Dever, the pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C., and president of 9 Marks Ministry, about the Puritan preacher Richard Sibbes. Dever wrote the definitve biography on Richard Sibbes, first as a dissertation, and then as a book.  Dever discusses Sibbes’ life, theology, and both Brister and Dever discuss issues with the SBC and other denominational concerns in light of Sibbes point of view.

Brister is responsible for starting the 2008 Puritan Book Reading Challenge; a challenge to read 12 Puritan classics in 1 year, one each month. The book assigned for January is ‘The Bruised Reed’ written by, you guessed it, Richard Sibbes.  My wife and I are unofficially participating in the challenge, reading ‘The Bruised Reed’  together aloud.  Each month Brister plans to conduct one interview to coincide with the book assigned to that month.

All in all, this is a helpful and interesting interview.  The challenge is a great effort.

Mark Dever on Richard Sibbes mp3>>>


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