S. Lewis Johnson, Expository Preacher

Many years ago John MacArthur was asked what preachers he listens to for his own joy and edification, and one of the men on his short list was S. Lewis Johnson. I had never heard of Johnson and immediately went looking for him. Johnson was involved in ministry for 45 years, a professor at a number of seminaries such as DTS and TEDS, and finished his days of ministry as the pastor at Believer’s Chapel in Dallas.

Johnson is a first-class Bible expositor and I have been blessed by listening to this faithful man preach the Word of God with clarity and power.

Since his death in 2004 the SLJ Institute has collected more than 1500 of Johnson’s sermons and is in the process of transcribing them.

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Sinclair Lewis Johnson Institute

I want to direct your attention to the SLJ Institute which holds over 1400 sermons in mp3 of Sinclair Lewis Johnson. Sinclair was a masterful preacher and this resource is a tremendous treasure of expository preaching.

John MacArthur has said,

Through the years I have listened to the preaching of S. Lewis Johnson far more than any other preacher.

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S. Lewis Johnson Eschatology studies

John MacArthur’s recent Shepherd’s conference message has spawned a great deal of controversy in reformed circles. His message ‘Why Every Self-Respecting Calvinist is a Premillennialist’ has easily been the most discussed conference session this year. On this blog it is the most visited and commented post, though I don’t post debates on this site. In light of the interest in this subject, here are a series of sermons I think may be helpful for those wrestling with the premillennial position.

S. Lewis Johnson provides an intelligent and thorough series on premillennial eschatology in 37 messages. He begins the series with 5 messages examining the amillennial, postmillennial and premillennial perspectives. The next 14 messages examine the Biblical covenants in great expositional detail. The remaining 16 messages detail the Second Coming, the Tribulation, the Kingdom age, and the Final Judgment. S. Lewis Johnson is well known for his careful exegetical handling of the Word of God.

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S. Lewis Johnson on the Millennium

In his series on Eschatology, S. Lewis Johnson analysizes and explains the variety of perspectives on the Millennium.  If you’ve never had a clear understanding of the differences between premillennial, amillennial and post millennial views, these sermons will help you gain clarity.

Systems of Eschatology: The Post millennial System
Systems of Eschatology: The Amillennial System I
Systems of Eschatology: The Amillennial System II
The Biblical Analysis of Amillennialism
The Premillennial System
The Second Coming of Jesus Christ