J.I. Packer on the Attributes of God

Monergism has posted a series of lectures by J. I. Packer on the Attributes of God. I have yet to listen to all of these messages, but no doubt, you will be greatly blessed.  Packer is an excellent communicator and theologian, and the audio quality of these mp3’s are good.

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A History of the English Puritans: J. I. Packers seminary lectures

For the past few weeks I’ve been making my way through J. I. Packers lectures on the English Puritans, and I have to tell you, it’s been a real treat.  This is one of those series you will want to go through a second time and take notes. I can’t begin to scratch the surface of all the good material.  Much here on ministry philosophy, worship, pastoral concerns.  Some very fascinating biographical material on lesser known Puritans.  A great deal on Baxter and Owen. 

Some highlights from one of the first messages that looked at many more contemporary giants who were greatly affected by the Puritans. Packer looks at sermonic structures of the Puritans and more recent contemporaies such as Lloyd-Jones.  How soon in a sermon do you begin application?  In the cases of Spurgeon and Lloyd-Jones, they started right away. Where did the 3 point sermon originate? He also talks about the contemporary loss of rhetorical prayer, where pastoral prayers were presenting arguments before God.

This series of lectures has been generously provided by Reformed Theological Seminary, which has conveniently supplied their audio through iTunes.

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Collections: J. I. Packer

What can anyone say about J. I. Packer?  While you might not agree on his involvement with the ECT documents, and I certainly do not, you cannot dispute the weighty contributions he has made in his many books that have become classic’s in his day, such as ‘Knowing God’, and ‘Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God’.  His introduction to the Banner of Truth edition of John Owen’s classic work ‘The Death of Death in the Death of Christ’ stands alone as an excellent work, and worthy to be bound in the same book with Owen.

Mark Dever of 9 Marks interviews Packer with a lengthy discussion about his highly controversial involvement with the Evangelicals & Catholics Together documents, here>>> On Life and Ministry with J. I. Packer

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