Keller: The Trouble with Christianity; Why is it so hard to believe?

Tim Keller has written a new book called ‘The Reason for God’.  On the book’s website is a series of sermons Keller gave at his church Redeemer that form the basis for the book.  I have not read the book yet, but I have listened to these messages and must say there is some really good stuff here.  Keller is great at engaging secular presuppositions and skeptical assumptions.  This is a great series of sermons and I look forward to reading his book.

The messages are:

Exclusivity: How can there only be one true religion?
Suffering: If God is good, why is there so much evil in the world?
Absolutism: Don’t we all have to find truth for ourselves?
Injustice: Hasn’t Christianity been an instrument for oppression?
Hell: Isn’t the God of the Christianity an angry judge?
Doubt: What should I do with my doubts?
Liberalism: Isn’t theBible historically unreliable and regressive?

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Battling Unbelief series with John Piper

This is an older sermon series that is the basis for a recently released book by the same name.  This is a timeless series.  Piper demonstrates how particular sins are an expression of unbelief in God, His sovereignty and His promises. Piper defines unbelief based on John 6:35:

piper_battlingunbelief.jpg“Unbelief is turning away from Jesus to find satisfaction somewhere else. Or, to put it positively, ‘belief’ in Jesus is coming to Him to feed on Him; that is to get my satisfaction, to have my soul-thirst satisfied from Him. That means that eternal life, as we said earlier in John 3, is promised not to those who think things about Jesus as the Son of God merely, but to those who drink from the Son of God. Eternal life is promised to faith.  And faith is not an idea in the head, it’s an appetite of heart fastening onto the Bread of Life. You can think all kinds of ideas about that loaf of bread, Jesus Christ, and if you don’t eat it to the satisfaction of your soul, you’re unsaved.”

Each message focuses on a particular sin: covetousness, anxiety, bitterness, lust, pride, anger, impatience, misplaced shame, and despondancy.

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