The Musical That Changed The World

I’ve been writing a long series of posts on the Glorious Films blog that I’ve titled The Musical That Changed the World.  The posts are brief verse by verse studies of the four songs of the nativity, from Luke chapter 1 & 2.

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The Promise: An Animated Musical

For the past 2 years my company Glorious Films has been working on an animated musical called The Promise: Birth of the Messiah. It will be available for purchase this Fall.


Don’t let the animated or  musical aspect fool you into thinking this is a kiddie show. It’s not. It’s what I call “expositional filmmaking.”  The script and songs were written after I did a complete expositional study of the Luke and Matthew passages. There is no stone unturned in this film. We tell the full story which includes parts usually overlooked such as Zechariah’s story, and his song of prophecy, as well as Simenon’s blessing when Jesus is presented at the Temple. The film has a high production value, so visit the website to see for yourself.

Those of you who have followed Faith By Hearing know that I care about good, solid theology that has a high view of Scripture. This same passion is what is behind this movie, and the films that will follow.

The trailer for the film will be coming in August. So please follow our blog, Facebook, and Twitter for updates. Most of our advertising is grassroots, so please spread the word. And stay tuned to Faith by Hearing as we will have give-away promotions and a special podcast about the film.

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