is a new audio and video media download site that has great potential.  Here is what it says about itself.’s vision is as big as its name: to provide a large-scale, cost-effective download venue for customers of all ages, featuring trustworthy, downloadable audio and video content for the Christian family. Enjoy a wide selection of media, including music, feature films, audio dramas, sermons, and more!

Similar to, Behemoth doesn’t appear yet have the amount of content that ChristianAudio does, but it offers a wider range of media including sermon series, music, movies and other video content.  It also seems to have much more discernment in the selection of content. >>>

Mark Dever: 4 Sermons on Job

Want to understand the core themes and key lessons of the book of Job?  Mark Dever’s 4 sermons on the book of Job does just that, and he carefully applies these lessons to our lives with great insight. 

Mark also does a masterful job explaining Job’s sin of questioning God’s hand in the face of Job’s own supposed righteousness.  Job’s questioning of God was a form of sin, but Mark pastorally helps us to see when questioning God is sin and when it is not.  Job’s repentence before God is an incredible picture of a man submitting himself and his sense of fairness before a holy God.

Job’s Trials, Job 1-2 >>>

Job’s Questions, Job 3 >>>

Job’s Friends, Job 4-37 >>>

Job’s God, Job 38-42 >>>

A Pearl and a Leaven: Herman Bavinck for the 21st Century Conference

Calvin Seminary hosted a conference this past September which reflected the life and teaching of Herman Bavinck, who was a contemporary of B. B. Warfield.  There are 13 messages to the conference.  I have not listened to any of these messages yet, as I have an iPod full of material at the moment, but I will be checking this out soon.

Unfortunately these lectures are in Real Audio Media format.

A Pearl and a Leaven audio >>>

There is also an interview on file at Reformed Forum, interviewing Dr. Ron Gleason who has a biography soon to be published on Bavinck.

Interview with Dr. Ron Gleason mp3 >>>

Arturo Azurdia Goldmine

Arturo Azurdia is one formidable preacher who has a relentless precision in his preaching.  His book, Spirit-Empowered Preaching is a must-read for any preacher.

Arturo’s ministry website has been collecting his messages and organizing them in categories.  Here you will find message series on the books of Ruth, Nehemiah, Jonah, John, Ephesians, Hebrews, Revelation plus many other parts of books, topical series and conference messages.  A wealth of audio resources.

Spirit-Empowered Preaching audio site >>>

Kostenberger: God, Marriage & Family

Does your understanding of marriage point to God and the Gospel?  I’m currently preparing a marriage course for my church and in the process, I’m devouring a lot of good resources. 

Andreas Kostenberger, who authored of one of the best books I’ve found on marriage, God, Marriage & Family, also presented a discipleship class on marriage and the family at Richland Creek Community Church. 

Kostenberger is an incredibly sharp theologian, and has written a number of very good commentaries.  He was also picked by Don Carson to author two books for Carson’s New Biblical Studies in Theology series

Kostenberger is disarmingly unremarkable as a speaker, but once he gets warmed up his material is very helpful.   This was not a preaching situation, but rather more of a classroom type of setting.

These courses are all on wma video (a hateful format) unfortunately, so not compatible with iPod’s or iTunes. 

God, Marriage & Family course >>>

Wanted: Ed Clowney Audio

Edmund Clowney’s daughter, Rebecca Jones, is gathering all of her father’s audio sermons and lectures, and is requesting anyone who has audio files of Edmund Clowney to contact her at:

We do have the the resources at Sermon Audio, Westminster Theological Seminary, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Christ the King Church, Westminster Seminary CA, and Reformed Theological Seminary.

Faith by Hearing will keep you posted as this material is collected and made available.

Collections: Edmund Clowney

Sermon Audio now has 95 sermons by Edmund Clowney.  Clowney was professor and president of Westminster Theological Seminary,  a theologian-in-residence at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, an associate pastor of Christ the King Church in Houston, and spent the last 12 years of his career at Westminster Seminary California.

Clowney was also a prolific author, having authored some books that are considered classics, such as The Unfolding Mystery; Discovering Christ in the Old Testament, How Jesus Transforms the Ten CommandmentsPreaching and Biblical Theology and Preaching Christ in All of Scripture.  His book Called to  the Ministry is perhaps one of the best books that examines the issue of being called into ministry.  And his book The Church is certainly one of the best, if not the best book, on the nature and purpose of the church according to God’s design — a much needed book in this day when the purpose and design of the church seems to be lost on many.

Edmund Clowney at Sermon Audio >>>

GodblogCon 2008 audio

Bloggers, the 2008 GodblogCon audio has been posted.  I have listened to two messages so far — not sure if I’ll get to the rest since I don’t really consider myself a blogger.  I’m more of a ‘vocal iPoder’ than a blogger.  I’m not interested in monitoring debates, conversations, or trying to gain an income from blogging.

But many of you might be, and so this conference is something you should investigate.

GodblogCon 2008

GodblogCon audio at Scriptorium >>>