Shepherd’s Conference 2018 media

The 2018 Shepherd’s Conference media is now available at the Shepherd’s Conference page. The title of this years conference was “I Will Build My Church.” John MacArthur was joined by Al Mohler, Austin Duncan, HB Charles, Mark Dever, Steve Lawson, Arturo Azirdia and Ligon Duncan.

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NAMB & 9Marks Church Planting & Revitalization Conference 2017

9Marks and the North American Missions Board (NAMB) partnered with Send DC to hold a one-day conference on church planting and revitalization in DC.  This year’s focus was “Understanding the Basics for Planters & Revitalizers”.


  • Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC
  • Jonathan Leeman, Editorial Director, 9Marks
  • Bobby Jamieson, Associate Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC
  • Ed Moore, Senior Pastor, North Shore Baptist Church, Queens, NY
  • Nathan Knight, Senior Pastor, Restoration Church, Washington, DC
  • Brian Davis, Pastor, Risen Christ Fellowship, Philadelphia, PA
  • Philip Van Steenburgh, Senior Pastor, Grace Harbor Church, Cape Cod, MA
  • John Onwuchekwa, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Atlanta, GA

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G4 Conference 2014: The Church From a Biblical Perspective

Steve Lawson, Conrad Mbewe, Paul Washer, John Synder, Voddie Baucham, Tim Challies, Josh Buice, and David Miller joined at the 2014 G4 Conference to preach on issues of the church.

From the website:

The church was founded by Jesus Christ and serves the purpose of bringing glory, honor, and praise to God.  In our present day landscape of American evangelicalism, the church is being morphed into concert halls, entertainment stages, and country clubs.  The younger generation today is being raised without any connection or commitment to the church of Jesus Christ.  In fact, many churches are forming Saturday night services and minimizing worship opportunities in order to accommodate the pace of our American families.  The culture is trying to change the church into something modern, convenient, cheap, and non-intrusive.  In the process, doctrine has taken a backseat to pragmatics and the pulpit has been replaced with entertainment programs.  From coffee shop churches to Internet churches – there is a massive problem that must be addressed in our modern culture.  Let us not forget that while all of these modern advancements take place that are morphing the foundation of the church, hundreds of thousands of small dying churches are preparing to breathe their last breath.  The subject of the church is a vital issue that must be addressed and it must be addressed from the counsel of sacred Scriptures.

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MacArthur Q&A on the Church

John MacArthur has recently given two Q&A’s where the questions centered on the church.  The first Q&A deals mostly with John’s history of Grace Community Church, what he faced when he first came and how he approached ministry and how it became the church it is today.

The second Q&A covers John’s theology of the church.  What is the church? What is worship? Why is the church centered around the preaching of the Word of God? What is John’s approach to application? How does John prepare for Sunday?

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Building the Church with the Gospel: Don Carson

St. Helen’s Bishopsgate Church in London recently hosted the SEGP 2011 Extended Weekend with Don Carson speaking a lengthy series on Building the Church with the Gospel.  The messages are:

Only One Life: Why Consider Full Time Gospel Ministry

Only One Life: Q&A

The Rich Man and Lazarus

The Parable of the Talents

Living & Serving in Light of the End

Preserving the Gospel and Gospel Churches

Leaders Who Build Churches Part 1

Leaders Who Build Churches Part 2

I am really looking forward to this series as soon as my current iPod load clears up, and then I will post more about it.

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2010 Shepherd’s Conference

The Shepherd’s Conference is one of those conferences that seldom disappoints, if ever.  While this years conference didn’t have the “bang” of previous years, it was nonetheless edifying and challenging, with the old standbys in the pulpit: MacArthur, Johnson, Holland and Lawson.

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Surprising Offense of Gods Love: Church Membership

Are you excited about the subject of church membership?  I didn’t think so.  Be warned, after you hear this discussion you will probably be eager to buy Jonathan Leeman’s book, The Church and the Surprising Offense of God’s Love.

Jonathan Leeman, Matt Schmucker, John Folmar and Mark Dever gather to talk about this book and the subject of church membership.

The consumeristic mindset, the multiplicity of options, and the worry of buyers remorse, hinders people from making commitments in everything from jobs, to spouses, to restaurants, to houses.  Commitment binds us. And in a culture where the maximization of short term pleasure is  a premium, binding commitments are threatening. Binding commitments are made to prevent individuals from living by caprice and fancy. They are freedom curtailing.  They are pleasure postponing.

Leeman, obviously, is pro church membership, and he, as well as the other participants,  makes a very strong case for church membership independent of church polity.

This is one discussion that is perhaps one of 9 Marks best, in my opinion.  I’ve ordered the book.

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