Mohler & Piper at the 2014 Spurgeon Lecture Series

Reformed Theological Seminary has created The Nicole Institute of Baptist Studies, a program of study for those student who wish to apply their Reformed convictions in a Baptist context.  The Nicole Institute has launched this year the Spurgeon Lecture Series, inaugurated by John Piper and Albert Mohler.

John Piper opens the Spurgeon Lecture series with his message, “The Life and Ministry of Charles Spurgeon”

Al Mohler follows with a powerful message, “God’s Lion in London: Charles Spurgeon and the Challenge of the Modern Age”

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Thursday Theology Night: Spurgeon Documentary

I have started a new routine with my family: Thursday Theology night. Since I have my new Logitech Prevue I was anxious to see how streaming Internet video looks on my large screen TV. My first go was with a video from the recent Desiring God pastor’s conference. The image and sound quality was far better than I expected. Now, in my home, we’ve slated Thursday nights for watching a good video that will be edifying for the whole family.

These Thursday Theology Nights will be (hopefully) a new feature at Faith by Hearing.

The video for tonight is an hour long documentary on Charles Spurgeon titled, C. H. Spurgeon, The People’s Preacher.

The Life and Ministry of C. H. Spurgeon

Phil Johnson gave a series of excellent addresses on the life and ministry of Charles Spurgeon. Johnson has become something of a Spurgeon expert while running the fabulous Spurgeon archive, and he has given us a tremendous gift in this series of messages. Johnson looks at various aspects of Spurgeon’s life, such as his conversion, his marriage, his gout, his theology, his ministry and his battles. Very interesting and edifying. Don’t miss these gems.

Phil delivered these messages in 2006 at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Rio Rico, Arizona.


Life & Ministry of C.H. Spurgeon >>>

A History of the English Puritans: J. I. Packers seminary lectures

For the past few weeks I’ve been making my way through J. I. Packers lectures on the English Puritans, and I have to tell you, it’s been a real treat.  This is one of those series you will want to go through a second time and take notes. I can’t begin to scratch the surface of all the good material.  Much here on ministry philosophy, worship, pastoral concerns.  Some very fascinating biographical material on lesser known Puritans.  A great deal on Baxter and Owen. 

Some highlights from one of the first messages that looked at many more contemporary giants who were greatly affected by the Puritans. Packer looks at sermonic structures of the Puritans and more recent contemporaies such as Lloyd-Jones.  How soon in a sermon do you begin application?  In the cases of Spurgeon and Lloyd-Jones, they started right away. Where did the 3 point sermon originate? He also talks about the contemporary loss of rhetorical prayer, where pastoral prayers were presenting arguments before God.

This series of lectures has been generously provided by Reformed Theological Seminary, which has conveniently supplied their audio through iTunes.

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Excellent Spurgeon Audio

It’s hard to find well delivered sermons from great preachers of the past.  Most are read in a reading monotone that is difficult to pay attention to.  What they need to be is delivered as a sermon.

Cloud Audio has done an excellent job of bringing many of Charles Spurgeons sermons to life that are a pleasure to listen to.  You can purchase CD’s or download mp3’s from Cloud Audio.  There is also a large selection of free audio downloads at SermonAudio.

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Piper’s Sought After Biographical Sketches

John Piper has made a habit of delivering a biographical sketch of one important person in church history every year at his pastor’s conferences.  They are highlights of each years conference and are not to be missed.  In fact, these sketches are published in book form in ‘The Swan’s are Not Silent’ series, ‘Contending for our All’, ‘The Legacy of Sovereign Joy’, ‘The Hidden Smile of God’, and ‘The Roots of Endurance.’

Piper tackles such giants as Augustine, John Owen, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, John Bunyan, Charles Simeon, Athanasias, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, J. Greshem Machen, Martin Luther, John G. Paton, David Brainerd, George Mueller, William Cowper, Adoniram Judson, Charles Spurgeon and William Tyndale.

 Men of Whom the World is Not Worthy, Pastor’s Conference biographical sketches>>>