Enduring the Perplexities of God

Dale Ralph Davis tackles one of the most troublesome issues Christians face as he teaches through 1 Kings 17.  How are we to understand the trials we face?  Are they a result of our sin — or something else?  How should we respond to passages like John 9:3 and Psalm 103:10? As Davis teaches about the widow’s plight in 1 Kings he provides us with a very needed doctrine of the perplexities of God that should release us from the burdens we often assume as we wrestle with our difficulties.

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The Westminster Conference

I was recently directed to the Westminster Conference by a reader. This is the same Westminster Conference that Martyn Lloyd-Jones and J. I. Packer began in 1951.  Speaking about those who formed this conference the site has this to say:

They were not uncritical followers of the Puritans but saw them as outstanding Christian teachers whose challenges could not be ignored. The Puritans helped to establish an important tradition of Biblical thinking and pastoral theology which was often recovered in later times of revival. For these reasons, fairly early on, the interest was broadened beyond the Puritans and the Conference was advertised as being for “theological and historical study with especial reference to the Puritans.”

I will certainly be sampling message from this site as I have time.

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The Gospel Coalition 2013 Conference

The audio and video for TGC 2013 is now available online, more than 80 messages from a wide array of speakers including Don Carson, TimKeller, John Piper, Al Mohler, Russell Moore, and Kevin DeYoung. For the ladies we have Noel Piper, Megan Best, Kathleen Nielson, Nancy Guthrie and Elyse Fitzpatrick.

This years title:  His Mission: Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. This also includes the preconference on missions: His Love Compels Us.

One of the unique aspects of this conference is that all media has been translated into five languages: Mandarin Chinese, Farsi, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Christian Freedom with Carl Trueman, Mark Dever and Friends

Are tatoos a sin? How should we understand and exercise our Christian freedoms since we are no longer “under law”? Does anything go since we  live in the grace of Christ?  Mark Dever, Mike McKinley and Andy Johnson interview Carl Trueman about this contested issue of Christian freedom.

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