The Gospel Coalition 2013 Conference

The audio and video for TGC 2013 is now available online, more than 80 messages from a wide array of speakers including Don Carson, TimKeller, John Piper, Al Mohler, Russell Moore, and Kevin DeYoung. For the ladies we have Noel Piper, Megan Best, Kathleen Nielson, Nancy Guthrie and Elyse Fitzpatrick.

This years title:  His Mission: Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. This also includes the preconference on missions: His Love Compels Us.

One of the unique aspects of this conference is that all media has been translated into five languages: Mandarin Chinese, Farsi, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

TGC 2013 Conference >>>

One thought on “The Gospel Coalition 2013 Conference

  1. I greatly appreciate all the work you do with posting messages here. I just recently started following your blog and it’s been a valuable resource, as I load up my MP3 player with messages for driving/cooking/dishwashing, etc. God bless.

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