Paul Washer’s Shocking Sermon

Here’s the sermon that often doesn’t get Paul Washer invited back.  And no, it’s not because he’s boring.  Washer preaches with clarity and passion.  The reason Washer has caused such an uproar in some places is because he makes a frontal attack on some of Evangelicalism’s most sacred cows:  Assurance of Salvation, and sincerity in “making a decision” for Christ.

Washer pulls no punches.  Nor does he just attack for the sake of attack.  He attacks these forms of Evangelical religion like a surgeon attacking a cancer. He dissects and explains.

Washer rails against how Evangelicals are so quick to proclaim people ‘believers’.  One of the most damnable practices in the church is when a person doubts their salvation, they are usually taken back to that day when they “made a decision” for Christ and “asked Jesus into their hearts”, neither of which are statements found in Scripture (apart from a poor hermeneutic).  We are often guilty of giving people a false assurance that is based more on the ‘sincerity’ of their decision than on the presence of a transformed life.  Washer claims this tactic sends countless people to hell.  At the very point that a person may be coming to Christ with a legitimate doubt about salvation, we kill off that work with a sloppy proclaimation of false salvation.

Washer broadsides contemporary evangelistic practices, including child evangelism and Sunday School programs. He says he would not put his children in 80% of the Sunday school programs, because the gospel presentations we give to children are so seriously distorted they border on heresy.

This message needs to be preached to every church in America.  The congregations response would serve as a good litmus test of spiritual health.

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Doctrine of Conversion & Regeneration: Grudem Systematic Theology

Grudem helpfully examines the mysterious process of regeneration, which is like the wind which you can’t see, but you can see it’s effect.  In his look at conversion, Grudem breaks down this summary category into faith and repentence.

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Arturo Azurdia & Monergistic Regeneration

What is ‘monergistic’ regeneration?  If you don’t know, you should listen to these two messages. Dr. Arturo Azurdia III delivered these two phenomenal messages at the Reformation Society of Oregon a few weeks ago.  Azurdia looks broadly, and also in sharp detail, at regeneration, the call, and salvation. 

Azurdia highly recommended two books by Anthony Hoekema, ‘Saved by Grace’ and ‘The Bible and the Future.’  He also recommended Iain Murray’s book ‘Revival and Revivalism’ which is a great read and provides a clear panorama of recent church history which defines us today.

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