Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Conferences Online

All of the Spring Conferences of GPTS dating back to 1998  have been made available online.

The full messages posted for these conferences:

1998 Southern Presbyterian
1999 Did God Create in 6 Days
2000 Written for our Instruction: The Sufficiency of Scripture for All of Life
2001  Sanctification: Growing in Grace
2002 Reformed Spirituality: Communing with our Glorious God
2003 The Worship of God
2004 The Covenant
2005 The Doctrine of the Church
2006 The Triumph of Christ: The Missionary Enterprise of the Church
2007 The Christian Worldview: Thinking God’s Thoughts

Only a sampling of messages posted for these conferences:

2008 A Reformed View of End Times
2009 John Calvin: 500Years in Retrospect
2010 The Nature and Sufficiency of Scripture

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American Reformation Heritage

Darryl Hart builds a case for rethinking our ecclesiology. Currently we have 3 kinds of churches: doctrinal, cultural, and pietists.  Hart argues for a 4th category which he calls confessional.  These were delivered in 2005 at the Reformation Heritage Conference.

Session One: “Where Are We Now?: An Evaluation of Reformed Christianity in America” Click Here

Session Two: “The Appeal & Disappointment of Evangelicalism: Is Reformed Christianity Evangelical?” Click Here

Session Three: “Putting the Reformation back in Reformed Christianity” Click Here

American Reformation Heritage >>>