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The L’Abri website has opened it’s library online, with many lectures available for download, including those of Francis Schaeffer. This is a tremendous resource. Many thanks to L’Abri for making this available.  Please donate to their website to keep it online.

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8WTB 2010 Week 8

This week I finished my 8 week trek through the Bible on audio, covering 220 chapters which took about 14 hours and 10 minutes. I had attempted an 8 week challenge a few years ago, only to be thwarted a few weeks into it with a job change that had me working at home.

Was it worth it?  Absolutely.  The panorama of Scripture that this kind of exercise affords is marvelous.  And the unrelenting immersion, which can often be difficult, was worth the effort.

By the way, there’s nothing magical about 8 weeks (40 work days).  When I calculated my average commute time to the length of the audio recording, it just happened to match 40 days.

I hope to do this again before the year is over.

DAY 36
Mark 13 to John 1
From Jesus marveling at the unbelief in his home town to the widow’s offering.

DAY 37
John 2 to Acts 20
From the wedding at Cana to Paul bidding a final farewell to the Ephesus church.

DAY 38
Acts 21 to 1 Timothy 6
From Paul setting sail for Jerusalem to Paul admonishing Timothy to fight the good fight of faith.

DAY 39
2 Timothy 1 to Jude
From guarding the deposit entrusted to us to a call for Christians to persevere.

DAY 40
Revelation 1 to Revelation 22
From John’s vision of the risen Christ to Jesus saying “Surely I am coming soon.”

8WTB 2010 Week 7

This week  I covered 138 chapters at almost 9 hours, ending slightly behind my estimate which had me in Luke, though only by 4 chapters.

DAY 31
Ezekiel 30 to Daniel 12
From a lament for Egypt to the sealing up of the Words of prophecy until the end.

DAY 32
Hosea 1 to Zephaniah 3
From Hosea’s wife and children to a prophecy of Israel’s restoration.

DAY 33
Haggai 1 to Matthew 15
From the prophetic command to rebuild the temple to Jesus feeding 4000.

DAY 34
Matthew 16 to Mark 5
From the Pharisees demanding signs to Jesus healing Jarius’ daughter.

DAY 35
Mark 6 to Mark 12
From Jesus marveling at the unbelief in his home town to the widow’s offering.

8WTB 2010 Week 6

This was another slower week that required more reading.  But I managed to cover 120 chapters of the prophets at about 8 hours and 20 minutes.

One of the striking aspects of reading through the prophets is the contrast between the kindness and severity of God. The image of God that prevails in our current Christian culture is an emasculated God of simplistic personal love who has no depth, like a flat, cliched character in a bad story. In contrast, the God revealed in the prophets not only is a God of  wrath (on a corporate and individualistic level), full of severity, his love is far more transcendent than the love drivel we hear from the contemporary church.

I like what D. A. Carson says about God’s love. He says God is love, but love does not define the totality of God.

DAY 26
Spent my commute reading some materials for a project.

DAY 27
Isaiah 33 to Jeremiah 5
From a plea for Gods grace to God proclaiming disaster for the unrepentant nation.

DAY 28
Jeremiah 6 to Jeremiah 31
From the looming disaster of Jerusalem to the coming new covenant.

DAY 29
Jeremiah 32  to Lamentations 5
Jeremiah buys a field during a seige to Jeremiah’s pray that God restores his people to himself.

DAY 30
Ezekiel 1 to Ezekiel 29
From Ezekiel’s vision at the Chebar Canal to a prophecy against Egypt.