Introduction to the New Testament with Craig Blomberg has just released a new course by Denver Seminary’s Dr. Craig Blomberg.  Blomberg is considered by many to be one of the best evangelical scholars in the world today.  This Introduction focuses only on the Gospels and the book of Acts.

Blomberg looks at the life of Christ in a harmonistic approach, looking first at the social/economic/political/religious backgrounds of Palestine.  Historical and literal criticism is considered, and then Blomberg examines Christ’s life, from his early years, through his public and private ministry, and finishes with his passion.

The course finishes with a look at the book of Acts, the theology of evangelism and the planting of the early church.

This course is part of the Leadership series of courses.

Introduction to the New Testament >>>

Promises Made & Promises Kept: Mark Dever’s Bible Overview Sermons

Mark Dever of Captiol Hill Baptist Church preached 67 sermons, each sermon overviewing an entire book of the Bible, with one whole Bible overview. The Old Testament sermon series were the basis for his excellent book Promises Made.  The New Testament Overview series formed the book Promises Kept. Capitol Hill has the entire series available online.  You will be greatly blessed by this series that shows Christ in every part of Scripture, and will give you a solid, full, Biblical perspective.  This is a series not to be missed.


Promises Made & Promises Kept: Mark Dever’s Bible Overview Sermons>>>
Unfortunately these messages are not posted in order, but if you download them all you will have an easy time organizing them in iTunes or Zune Player.