The Promise: Birth of the Messiah, the Animated Musical

This week my first film under the Glorious Films banner has hit store shelves. It’s been two years in the making, a labor of love carefully adapting the nativity story into an animated musical. I wrote and directed the film.


Our official trailer:

Our extended trailer:

The film is available at LIfeWay, Family Christian, and other Christian bookstores and online retailers, including Amazon.

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Buy The Promise at>>>


God Created Man Male and Female

One of the most troubling crises that the church is facing in our generation is the crisis of understanding gender differences as defined by the Bible. We are losing the beauty of biblical womanhood and manhood and are reaping many problems that come from a widespread dismantling of Gods design. Many believe this issue to be unimportant, while others have little more than a caricatured comprehension of the issues. What is needed in this hour is a clear articulation of the the Bible’s position and the crises that will result from nullify them. And that is what John Piper does in this message.

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Stand Firm for the Authority of Scripture [Thursday Theology]

Ligonier’s 2012 Stand Firm West Coast Conference is now available as streaming video.  MacArthur opens the conference with a look at the Authority of Scripture.

The veracity and authority of Scripture is basic to the Christian faith, but it is not a “given” in the modern world. Not only is it directly attacked by skeptics inside and outside of the church, it is undermined by claims of authority for other alleged “holy books” such as the Qur’an and the Book of Mormon. In our skeptical and multicultural world, it is necessary for Christians to draw a line in the sand when the authority of Scripture is challenged.

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The Gospel of Luke [Theology Thursday Video]

According to statistics, the Jesus Film is shown around the world —– and each year 4 million people make professions of faith after watching it.

The Blue Letter Bible has posted the full 6 hour production that the Jesus Film was made from. Luke was the basis of the Jesus Film and at BLB it is cut according the the chapters of Luke. Keep in mind that this film was made in 1970, so the cinematic sensibilities are quite dated, as are the hair styles. You’re certain to have a gaff at the angel Gabriel sporting a white man’s afro.

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MacArthur at Shepherd’s Conference [Theology Thursday Video]

John MacArthur opens Shepherd’s Conference with a look at Mark 16 and why it’s not part of Mark’s original document, but a well intentioned, but unfortunate cobbling of concluding thoughts from the other Gospels, added to soften the abrupt ending that Mark authored. MacArthur provides a fascinating discussion of ancient manuscripts and how textual criticism helps the church guard the Word of God. Rather than being a discouraging look at an foreign text, MacArthur provide much for us to have confidence in.

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