Men’s Fall Conference: Rick Holland

Rick Holland, the mastermind behind the Resolved Conference, delivered 4 messages for the 2008 Men’s Conference at Grace Community Church of Huntsville, Alabama.

Rick considers the qualities of godly manhood.  First he looks at the importance of sexual purity, which is an area a lot of men and Christian leaders fail.  Second he looks at humility, which is one quality which God says catches his eye.  Do you want to catch God’s eye — pursue humility and a trembling at God’s Word. Thirdly, Rick considers the qualifications of elders listed in the book of Titus.  The Q&A session was helpful and lively on a wide variety of questions submitted by the audience. 

Men Who are Pure
Men Who are Humble
Men Who are Leaders
Questions & Answers

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The Pursuit: Every Man’s Call to Biblical Masculinity

C. J. Mahaney is joined by other Sovereign Grace pastors, including Mark Alderton and Rick Gamache, to examine the subject of Bibilical masculinity.

C. J. takes us into Philippians 4 to examine in a clear and masterful way how both the believer and God have a part in actively working out our sanctification.

In the Pursuit of Genuine Repentance, Craig Cabaniss brings us to face how our repentance is far too often remorse for our circumstances rather than a true lamentation before an offended God.

There are a great many other messages in this series.

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There are a lot of messages in this series.  You have to scroll down until you see a message with the graphic ‘The Pursuit’ next to it.  Unfortunately, these messages are not all collected on one easy to access page.

‘Time to Act Like Men’ 2007 Men’s Conference

This one day conference at Grace Community Church in California featured John MacArthur, Michael Fabarez, Alex Montoya and Phil Johnson. They took up the subject of Biblical masculinity and spiritual leadership.  This is a must-hear conference for all Christian men.

MacArthur looked at the necessity of men to be strong, couragous, endurance and  conviction.

With his typical candor, Montoya challenged men to live authentic lives knowing the world is watching our every move. He clearly explained what it means to live in the world and not be conformed to the world.

Fabarez took a sharpened look at what it means to be a man in the home, and brought a critical message that all men should use in examining their leadership in the home.

Phil Johnson addressed the feminization of the church, largely caused by the abdication of Christian men.  Phil related very interesting first hand information about how some Christian publishers target their book content for a female audiences, at the expense of the male audience.

This is was a profitable conference, one which I will be returning to listen to a second time.

Act Like Men before God, John MacArthur >>>
Act Like Men in the World, Alex Montoya >>>
Act Like Men in the Home, Michael Fabarez >>>
Act like Men in the Church, Phil Johnson >>>

Godly Examples of Spiritual Leadership with Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson is one preacher who brings me to a level of sober spiritual reflection and self-examination that is deep and clear.  One of the things I love about Steve is his understanding of church history, and the great men who have come before us.  In this message Steve exhorts men to find other godly men who will drive you to godliness, and to lean upon dead godly men through their writings and biographies.

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2006 Men’s Conference ‘Men on a Mission’

A wonderful set of messages for men delivered at Grace Community Church’s Men’s Ministry conference in October of 2006.  All the speakers are, or have been, pastors on the mission field. 

Men on A Mission at Home, John Glass, France
John takes a sobering look at tragedies in ministry.  The first was the life of Bob Pearce who founded World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse.  His life is one of unbelievable missionary success yet coupledwith a tragic failure as a husband and father. The second was the example of Eli and the tragedy of his sons.  Timely and important message for husbands and fathers who are in ministry.

Men on A Mission in the Midst of Suffering, Brian Biedebach, Johannesburg, South Africa
Brian takes us through Romans 5 having gone through some very troubling trials.

Men on A Mission for God’s Wisdom, Michael Mahoney, Chile
A quote, ‘Why are there so many men who struggle with temptation and succumb to the pressures of sin today?….Because there is no fear of the Lord.  We have created a God who is too much like us, and we are very happy with Him.’

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