Radical Reconciliation

Hal Hays was invited to speak at Scottsdale Bible Church last year, and he looked at the preminence of Christ as a reconciler of an alienated humanity, as Paul summarized in Colossians 1: 19-23.  He covers 4 aspects of reconciliation: the architect of reconciliation, the alienated who need reconciliation, the action that resulted in reconciliation, and the assumption verifying reconciliation.

Reconciliation is not only a glorious subject worthy of our mediation and awe, it protects us from the dangers of superstition and legalism.  Hays gives us a good reminder in summary form of this important doctrine.

Hal Hays is founder of Encouragement International, a ministry focused on training and supporting pastors in the Slavic countries.  He is also my brother-in-law and runs a fabulous daily blog.  If you have a blog reader, I recommend you subscribe to his feed.  It’s nothing but good, solid Bible teaching.

Radical Reconciliation mp3>>>