So Great a Salvation: Ligonier 2015 Fall Conference

John MacArthur, Steve Lawson, Stephen Nichols, Nathan Busenitz and RC Sproul gathered together at Reformation Bible College to consider together the subject of our great salvation.

From the website:

As R.C. Sproul has said, the most serious problem we face as humans is that “God is holy and we are not.” During our 2015 Fall Conference at Reformation Bible College, we considered this problem and addressed the scope of the biblical gospel. Hosted in partnership with The Master’s Seminary, the conference featured Dr. John MacArthur as our special guest. In addition to those attending Fall Conference, we were joined this weekend by prospective Reformation Bible College (RBC) students as they took classes during the college’s Preview Weekend, spent time meeting with faculty and current students, toured the campus, and joined us for RBC’s fifth annual convocation service on Friday evening.

You can read highlights here.  The conference is currently free to stream video or audio.

So Great A Salvation Conference >>>

The Atonement of Jesus Series with R. C. Sproul

Ligonier has made Sproul’s 10-part series on the atonement available as free downloads.  The motivation is the growing number of “evangelicals” who are questioning the doctrine of substitutionary atonement.  This series will ground you in the bible’s solid ground of the atonement of Christ.

R. C. has said,

“If you take away the cross as an atoning act, you take away Christianity.”

The Atonement of Christ >>>

The Atonement

Warning! Do not listen to the following podcast if you don’t want to purchase another book.

The CTC lads interview Gabe Fluhrer, editor of a marvelous book titled Atonement, which is a collection of incredible essays on the atonement by Sinclair Ferguson, J. I. Packer, R. C. Sproul, James Boice, Alistair Begg, and John Gerstner. Fluhrer has an incredible grasp of this doctrine and speaks to the many challenges our age faces with opponents of the atonement, subtle and direct.  The interview motivated me to purchase this book, and I think it will you too.

The Atonement >>>

N.T. Wrights View of Justification Discussed

Al Mohler moderates a panel discussion with Tom Schreiner, Mark Seifrid, Denny Burk and Brian Vickers at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The topic of their discussion is N. T. Wrights revisionist view of justification.  This was a very good interview about justification and the challenges raised against it today, and the importance that we deal with this kind of error firmly.

Panel Discussion on Justification >>>

Atonement: Scripture on Penal Substitution

The Master’s Seminary Faculty Lecture series for 2009 looks at penal substitution, which is under heavy attack in some corners of “Christianity”.  TMS is known for very thorough academic level work, and these messages will be published in the TMS Journal soon.

  • “The Scriptural Necessity of Christ’s Penal Substitution” by Richard L. Mayhue
  • “Penal Substitution in the Old Testament” by William D. Barrick
  • “Penal Substitution in the New Testament: A Focused Look at First Peter” by Paul W. Felix
  • “Penal Substitution in Church History” by Michael A. Vlach
  • “Worthy is the Lamb that Was Slain: Penal Substitution and Christian Worship” by Andrew V. Snider
  • From TMS:

    Because of recent attacks on this crucial doctrine, we believe this will be one of the most important issues that the journal has ever published.

    The Atonement TMS >>>

    Piper’s series that spawned ‘Finally Alive’

    Finally AliveLast year John Piper published the book ‘Finally Alive’.  This book was spawned by a 16 part message series he preached in 2007  titled ‘You Must Be Born Again’.  This is a marvelous book and series that looks closely at conversion, the new birth, what it is, what man does in it, and what it produces in man.

    This is a very good series and certainly worthy to have in book form.

    You Must Be Born Again >>>

    Two Adams, Two Covenants, Two Righteousnesses

    Guy Prentise Waters gave two interesting messages on some very important doctrinal points that play heavily in justification.  Waters compares and contrasts Adam and Christ, the Old Covenant and the New, and the implications they have in terms of righteousness.

    While I love Guy Prentise Waters, these two messages required more than the usual amount of attention.  They are lectures, and as such, are a bit on the dry and monotone side of things.  The information is great.  But the format of the delivery will require work for the listener.  Not commuter friendly audio.  Be warned.

    Waters on Two Adams, Two Covenants, Two Righteousnesses >>>

    N.T. Wright’s Doctrine of Justification

    The boys at Christ the Center give us a 2 part discussion with Guy Prentiss Waters about N.T. Wrights new book ‘Justification: God’s Plan and Paul’s Vision‘. Wright’s book is a response to John Piper’s book The Future of Justification, which itself was written in response to Wright’s teachings on Justification which provide the most theological weight to what’s become known as the New Perspective on Paul.

    While this isn’t a discussion for everyone, it is very helpful in providing a big picture of this theological engagement. Waters and the CTC team are not supportive of Wright’s conclusions, and they point out some major flaw’s in Wright’s arguments in his new book as he tries to engage with John Piper’s masterful critique.

    Part 1 >>

    Part 2 >>