The Challenge of Islam, Patrick Sookhdeo

Since the last post, I’ve been looking for more audio lectures by Patrick Sookhdeo on Islam and found a one at the website of an Episcopal Seminary called Nashotah House.  Some of the information is the same, but there is enough unique information that he didn’t cover in the previous.  This one is an hour and six minutes, and was delivered in 2004 at Nashotah House.

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Understanding Radicalization and Islamicization

Wow.  This Henry Forum lecture is a must.  Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo’s lecture ‘Understanding Radicalization and Islamicization — The Theology and Practice of Contemporary Islam’ will change the way you understand Islam, and you will see it as the political threat that it really is.

Sookhdeo looks at historical and theological aspects that drive the gears of Islam, and brings to light threatening triggers of violence, such as the doctrine of unity, Islamic apocalyptic literature, relgious territorialitiy, and many other things that we are slowly seeing happen in other countries.

Sookhdeo also defines the steps Islam uses to take over societies, and shows how right now these steps are being placed so that they will define the coming battlefield.

Another interesting discussion arose over how the USA or other religiously pluralistic societies are protected from radical Islam.  Sookhdeo points to the reality that the vast majority of westerners have no idea what they are dealing with.  Islam is peculiar in that it is not just theological, it is also political and legal, and it will ultimately war against the separation of church and state, because that is something it cannot realistically submit to. 

This is a lecture you will want to listen to twice just to get your head around this very important issue.

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