Five Minutes with David Powlison

C. J. Mahaney has put together a series of 5 to 7 minute interviews with David Powlison about a variety of subjects.   C. J. reads his favorite quotes of what Powlison has written and asks him to elaborate on them.

Good Advice vs. Good News >>>

Cravings & Conflicts >>>

What is Real vs. What I Feel >>>

The Value of Human Emotion >>>

Mars Hill Audio: On Author Philip Pullman

Philip Pullman is an author of juvenile literature that is designed to undermine Christian faith.  The movie The Golden Compass was based on Pullman’s book by the same title.

Ken Myers of Mars Hill Audio invites literary critic Alan Jacobs  to talk about Pullman’s books, his undermining of Christianity, and how he goes about it.  Jacobs walks through numerous examples of how Pullman’s anti-Christian philosophy plays out in his stories.

Mars Hill Audio: Philip Pullman >>>

Christian Persecution: Remembering Our Brothers & Sisters Suffering Around the World

Al Mohler interviews Paul Marshall, the Senior Fellow of the Hudson Institute, to get a grasp on the current state of Christian persecution around the world.  There are a great many upsurges in Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Vietnam and China.  Radical Islam has today overtaken the degree of persecution that use to belong to communist countries. Christians have been arrested for blasphemy, and most recently, a Christian who was aquitted by the Pakistani Supreme Court of blasphemy, was gunned down on the steps of the Supreme Court.  Not only are Islamic governments posing a threat, but vigilantism is the greatest threat.

Marshall says the threats are growing because the Christian church is growing and people feel threatened and respond by violence.  China feels threaten because the growth of the church is escalating among 20-year-olds, and it is reaching into the intellectual sectors of their society.

Mohler closes his program by discussing the question, “Why does God allow His people to suffer persecution?”  Interestingly, Mohler explains that it is a priviledge to suffer for Christ, and this is a concept lost on the Western church.

Christian Persecution >>>

Signature in the Cell

Geophysicist and professor Stephen Meyer is interviewed by Greg Koukl on Stand to Reason about the subject of his book Signature in the Cell.

Meyer discusses the current climate in the Intelligent Design community, the plethora of non-arguments waged against ID, and a re-centering on where the issues and discussions must stand.  Meyer also talks about some of the main points found in his book regarding the cell, information, and DNA.

He also suggests that NeoDarwinism is not going to survive the new information coming out from developmental biology, and they will have to come up with an entirely new variation of Darwinism.   In other words, the Darwinists have been spinning their wheels for 150 years (no big surprise there).

Signature in the Cell >>>