The Marrow Controversy with Sinclair Ferguson

After listening to Derek Thomas’ excellent lectures on John Owen, I realized I didn’t know anything about the ‘Marrow Controversy’ and decided to find some lectures to shore up that hole in my church history knowledge.   What I found were 3 messages by none other than Sinclair Ferguson.

The Marrow Controversy took place in 16th century Scotland, and while the controversy itself is somewhat obscure to the average Christian, it’s implications to the gospel are critical.  It faces this question:  “Is it sound or orthodox to teach that we forsake sin in order to our coming to Christ?” What results are answers examing the difference between cheap grace and free grace, and the errors of Legalism and Antinomianism.

This is a very good series, however the audio is not in the best shape.

Sinclair Ferguson on the Marrow Controversy page >>>