Don Carson’s 26 Messages on Revelation

Too good to be true?  The Gospel Coalition has posted 26 lectures by Don Carson on the entire book of Revelation.  Also at this link is a video of Carson teaching a special message covering Revelation chapters 21 & 22 at the TGC Women’s Conference.

Carson on Revelation >>>


2 thoughts on “Don Carson’s 26 Messages on Revelation

  1. Just finished these messages and loved them. I like how Carson depended on the text to guide him through his eschatology. I also like Carson’s honesty about the problems with Historical Premillennialism even though he says it’s the best option. Thanks for posting!

  2. Following a talk about revelation with a pastor who is a friend I have been recommended to listen to thes talks on revelation. I am looking forward to it and will buy an MP3 player so that I can move about with it instead of sitting still all day.

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