Gospel Coalition 2007 Conference

What is the Gospel Coalition? At the heart of this coalition is this question posed by D. A. Carson, “What can we do to promote a robust, gospel-centered evangelical center in our increasingly diverse country, particularly for the arising generation?”

Mark Driscoll has written briefly about it on his blog here.  Also information and conference blogging notes at Buzzard Blog. 

The conference consists of 20 pastors/theologians, 5 general messages, and 12 workshops. Some of the speakers include Don Carson, Tim Keller, John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Ray Ortlund, Phil Ryken, Michael Lawrence, and Mike Bullmore.

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Feminism in Your Church and Home

Mark Dever, C.J. Mahaney, Russ Moore and Randy Stinson tackle the touchy issue of feminism in the Church and the Christian home.  Russ Moore makes the shocking statement that most Christians are feminists and live in ‘same-sex’ marriages. The reason? Most men do not exercise Biblical headship for their wives.

Randy Stinson observes that the ‘generic Christian’ model of the gender issue undermines the effectiveness of almost everything else that takes place in the church.  DON’T MISS THIS ONE.

Feminism in Your Church & Home >>>


Walking at the Spirit’s Pace

John Barnett has a series of messages that carrys a most difficult application: to slow down, rest and wait upon the Lord.  Barnett shows us from Scripture that the pace of life we live in is not conducive to the work and cadence of the Spirit.  He also suggests that our generation is a 9 commandment generation, rejecting the intent of the Sabbath.  These messages will make you rethink how you live your life, your priorities, and draw you closer to God.  This is a highly recommended cordial for our overwhelmed lifestyles.

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Augustine of Hippo series by Steve Lawson

I am growing more and more fond of Steve Lawson, particularly his look at church history.  This series is fantastic, and I’ll be listening to them again to get all the information.  These messages are delivered at the Friday morning ‘Men’s Seminary’ meeting at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church.  We are greatly blessed to be able to sit in on these sessions. 

In his series ‘Long Line of Godly Men’, Steve Lawson recently covered the life of Augustine of Hippo, one of the most influential men in church history.  Lawson looks intently at Augustine’s battle with the monk Pelagius, and draws some timely conclusions the church needs to hear today.  We enjoy a thousand years of history to see that the outworking of Pelagianism is secular humanism, while the outworking of Augustine is Reformed Theology.  Shortly after, a halfway house between these two theologies emerged, that being Semi-Pelagianism, which dogs the church today.

Augustine was also the writer that had a tremendous impact on Calvin and Luther.  Part 3 looks at how our understanding of the fall, man’s nature and sin directly effects everything else we believe including the Christ’s work on the cross and evangelism.  The distinctions Lawson examine are critical for a correct gospel.

The first message listed, ‘From Clement of Rome to Augustine of Hippo’ is an excellent overview of the first 400 years of church history. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate this message since CFBC has moved the audio on their website. If you find it please leave a comment with a link to this audio file.

Augustine of Hippo part 2 mp3 >>>
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Michel Thomas Language Courses

A bit off the usual beaten path, if you happen to be looking for a good language course I have an excellent recommendation.

I moved to Quebec 6 years ago as a monolingual anglophone.  I have struggled to learn the French language, pouring buckets of money into books, software, audio programs, Berlitz courses and private tutors.  Admittedly, foreign language is not my thing.

One of the best investments of my money and time (apart from a private tutor) is an audio series by Michel Thomas.  1 hour of his beginner series had me conversing in simple conversation.  The irony is, I had just spent 2 weeks in a $2000 immersion Berlitz course that did nothing for my conversational French. 

Thomas’ course has no books, just a short listing of notes for reference.  It’s perfect for the commute.  His method immediately begins by building phrases and practical conversational sentences.  It’s not tourist-oriented programs (which are useless). 

Michel Thomas offers courses also in German, Italian, and Spanish.  See his courses at Amazon here >>>

As an additional aid in book form, my favorite book for French is the Assimil method ‘New French with Ease.’  They have books in other languages.  You can find that here >>>

Mark Dever: Discern Your Doctrine

I just want to highlight a very important and timely message from the 2007 New Attitude Conference given by Mark Dever.  Dever looks deeply and carefully at the difficult subject of Christian cooperation.  He considers when and under what circumstances Christians with differences can cooperate for the gospel, and also looks at when we must separate. 

Here are 6 questions Dever considers:
1.) Do we follow commands to purify or unite?
2.) What are some common fights that Christian’s have?
3.) What are we together for?
4.) What must agree upon?
5.) What may we disagree about?
6.) How can we disagree well?

This is one of the best messages I’ve heard on this topic.  The NA 2007 conference messages are currently being offered by Sovereign Grace for free.

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History of the English Bible

In four lectures, Dr. Daniel Wallace covers the history of the English Bible from John Wycliff to the present day. He concludes with a lecture about why there are so many versions of the Bible. These lectures were given at the Lancaster Bible College and are part of the BiblicalTraining.org cirriculum.

From Wycliffe to King James
The Reign of King James
From the KJV to the RV
Why So Many Versions?

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