Mark Dever: Discern Your Doctrine

I just want to highlight a very important and timely message from the 2007 New Attitude Conference given by Mark Dever.  Dever looks deeply and carefully at the difficult subject of Christian cooperation.  He considers when and under what circumstances Christians with differences can cooperate for the gospel, and also looks at when we must separate. 

Here are 6 questions Dever considers:
1.) Do we follow commands to purify or unite?
2.) What are some common fights that Christian’s have?
3.) What are we together for?
4.) What must agree upon?
5.) What may we disagree about?
6.) How can we disagree well?

This is one of the best messages I’ve heard on this topic.  The NA 2007 conference messages are currently being offered by Sovereign Grace for free.

Discern Your Doctrine >>>


3 thoughts on “Mark Dever: Discern Your Doctrine

  1. It certainly was a great message! I hope it is not easily forgotten by the young crowd that attended the conference.

  2. That was a timely message. I really liked how Dever suggested that when we define the purpose of our unity, it will determine how much we need to agree one.

    Thank you for this blog – there is so much good audio being produced these days and you really help me “catch” some of the stuff that I would otherwise miss.

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