Liam Goligher’s Candidating Sermon at Tenth

Liam (William) Goligher has accepted the call to be  Tenth Presbyterian Church’s next Senior Pastor, the position which Phil Ryken left last year.  He will begin his new job mid-May. Sermon Audio has the candidating sermon that he preached on January 9 looking at the text of 2 Corinthians 5:14-6:2. Enjoy.

Goligher’s Tenth Pres. Sermon >>>

Scottish Reformation Conference 2009

Sinclair Ferguson and Eric Alexander join together for the Scottish Reformation Conference.  This is a wonderful and glorious trio of messages by two well seasoned preachers.

Eric Alexander tackles the subject of the Glory of Christ.  He begins by suggesting that contemporary evangelicalism  has a weightless understanding of the character of God.  Alexander is heavily influenced in this message by John Owen’s classic ‘The Glory of Christ.’

Sinclair takes 2 Corinthians chapters 3 and 4 for the texts of his two messages, The Glory of the New Covenant and The Glory of Christian Service.  Both messages are very impactful and marvelous.  In ‘The Glory of Christian Service’ Sinclair stresses the need for pastors to build up the flock. We are great at tearing down and criticizing, but we are weak in building up.  He examines the life of Paul and the ministerial convictions of Paul as models for us.

In ‘The Glory of the New Covenant’ Sinclair takes a refreshingly, clarifying look at the relationship of the Old Testament to the New.  He emphasizes that the Old is the incomplete covenant, and requires the New Testament to fully understand the Old.

These are 3 great messages that you will want to take some time to ponder, and perhaps listen to again.

Scottish Reformation Conf sermons >>>