Daryl Hart and Deconstructing Evangelicalism

Conservative Protestantism in the Age of Billy GrahamShould Evangelicals abandon the label ‘Evangelical’?  Does it carry any real meaning anymore?  How did the ‘Evangelical’ movement begin, and why? Who were the key players who fueled this movement? How did Evangelicalism become so fragmented into the condition that we see today? These are just some of the questions that Daryl and the lads at CTC ask as they discuss Hart’s book Deconstructing Evangelicalism.  This is a fascinating interview.

Daryl Hart is also the author of the biography of J. Greshem Machen, Defending the Faith.

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Observing Evangelicalism with Don Carson

For all of you Don Carson fans, this one is for the books: Don Carson talking about the state of the Church, and various sundry topics.

Mark Dever at 9 Marks spends a rare hour interviewing Don, who generally avoids interviews or anything that promotes him as a guru (if you’re unfamiliar with Don’s perspective on this read his excellent book The Cross and Christian Ministry).

Mark prompts Don to talk about a wide range of topics, from how he decided to work in ministry, his first pastorate, his study at Cambridge, how he came to Trinity,  the current state of preaching, the SBC, and his involvement in campus Christian organizations.  Mark also engages Don in a very helpful quizzing of what he does and does not like about the writings of certain authors such as John Calvin, B. B. Warfield, John Gill, the Puritans in general, Carl F. H. Henry, Peter O’Brien, N.T. Wright plus others.

Some of the book recommendations from this interview are:

B. B. Warfield, Studies in Perfectionism

B. B. Warfield, The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture

Peter O’Brien, The Epistle to the Philippians (Don considers to be the best Philippians commentary)

N. T. Wright, The Resurrection of the Son of God

N. T. Wright, Who Was Jesus?

Although Don strongly disagrees with N. T. Wright, and finds many of his works destructive, he does find these two books by Wright of particularly high value.

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Anglicanism & Evangelicalism with Phillip Jensen

Mark Dever interviews Phillip Jensen regarding his ministry in the Anglican church in Australia.  Jensen relates his struggles in teaching in University, challenges he has faced in the Anglican church, and what motivated him to write his classic evangelistic tract “Two Ways to Live”, published by Matthias Media.

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