The Scottish Reformation with Iain Murray

Iain Murray delivered 6 messages based on his recent book ‘A Scottish Christian Heritage.’ Murray is always a pleasure to listen to, and brings the wisdom of his vast knowledge of church history to bear in his sermons. The messages are:

John Knox and the Battle
Richard Bruce: Pulpit versus Throne
Progress Through Fire and Water
The Life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones
The Surprising Grace of God
The Holy Spirit and Assurance

Messages were delivered at Grace Presbyterian Church in Douglasville, Georgia.

Scottish Reformation Heritage lectures >>> 

Reformation and Modern Church History with Dr. David Calhoun

Church historian David Calhoun’s lectures on church history have been made available online by Covenant Theological Seminary.  These excellent lectures should not be missed.  The old saying, ‘Those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it’ holds a particular truth for Christians.  We must know church history.  Calhoun does a great job of making church history accessible and interesting.


Dr. David Calhoun’s Reformation and Modern Church History lectures>>>